’Nighthawk’ the best film of Animanima 2017

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  • The winner of the ’Golden Peg Bar’, Grand Prix of Animanima 2017, is film Nighthawk by Slovenian author Špela Čadež. ’An impressionistic, hypnotizing journey and a very well-crafted film’, Jury explained its decision, ’that guides you with determination but gently to intoxicating states of consciousness’.
    List of other awards could be found here.

Author: Jelena Milunović

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  • Jelena Milunovic (1990) obtained her BA and MA degree from Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade, animation department,. Since 2016. Jelena is a member of Association of Film Artists of Serbia. Works as independent animator, director and illustrator, on both commissioned and personal projects.
    Sound Design: Tatjana Ščerbak Video could be found here.

Retrospective of the Italian master

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  • Tirelessly created for half a century, the opus of Bruno Bozzeto has made him in the opinion of many a leading figure of the international animation scene. In the shortened retrospective of the Italian master, creator of Mr Rossi, his hallmark character, the audience will be presented with eleven films created in the period between 1958 and 2004.

Steven Woloshen in action!

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  • A Canadian from Montreal, Steven Woloshen, is an outstanding creative figure. His extraordinary skills of manual and analogue animation techniques have been brought together under his personal brand of ‘Scratchatopia’, which he presents with dedicated persistence to interested audiences around the world. The Animanima’s author’s retrospective brings twenty-odd films of this artist renowned for his experiments with form and content.

Special programme at the opening of Animanima

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  • Roald Dahl. A favourite writer for children, little and big (grown up), whose filmed works are watched with interest by millions of cinema goers around the world (Gremlins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Big Friendly Giant...). This time we are into well-known fairy tales told by Roald Dahl in an unusual way. Revolting Rhymes are sure to entertain and make you laugh, with a bit of surprise as well. A must-see!

Truly delightful, a master-piece

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  • Without a single sentence of a dialogue, this animated allegory tells a simple, yet highly emotional story of creating a life worth living, filled with love and respect. A stunning visual experience from the big screen! More about film find here.

Thrill & fun guaranteed

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  • The main competition programme is ready and is on-line now!
    Animation is an omnipresent pictorial form of the modern time and is everywhere around us! Animanima constantly remindes us of this fact. In its 11th edition, 46 extraordinary films from 24 countries of this year’s main competition programme are bound to offer a crystal-clear cross-section of the contemporary global scene.
    We have new films by authors familiar to Animanima’s audience from previous festival editions, such as Ivan Maximov, Paul Cabon, Špela Čadež, Joana Toste, Uri and Michel Kranot, Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter (the picture is from their most recent film Negative Space), as well as the whole string of filmmakers from around the world.
  • We’re proud on our selection, but, of course, this is just a beginning: soon the amasing competition programme for children’s films arrives, and right after that, one more great collection of films - the World Panorama. Stay tuned!

Over a hundred years of Spanish animation

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  • The programme that will definitely mark Animanima 2017 is undoubtedly ‘From Doodles to Pixels: Over a hundred years of Spanish animation’. This anthological project, unique in its thematic and aesthetic scope, offers an unprecedented overview of the century of animated film in Spain. The programme will be presented by Carolina López Caballero.

Two great juries of Animanima

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  • The jury in charge of evaluating the films in the main competition programme will be headed by Carolina López Caballero from Spain (in the photo), accompanied by Tal Gadon from Israel and Vassilis Kroustallis from Greece. More information about the members of this jury can be found here. Another lady will be leading the jury for the children’s films competition, Olga Bobrowska from Poland, working with here collaborators, Timon Leder from Slovenia and Milan Milosavljević from Serbia. More details from their professional biographies can be found here.
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