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Main Competition
Jury: Pjotr Sapegin (Norway), Chairman of the Jury,Igor Lazin (Hungary), Snežana Trstenjak (Serbia)
  • “Golden Peg Bar“ - ANIMANIMA 2007 Grand Prix

    The Blackheart Gang, South Africa

    This beautifuly movable story about disappearance of Dodo birds is actually the story about extermination and rebirth. A metaphor given in unusual form of animated opera.

  • The best film in category of running time up to 5 minutes

    Clod Chabot, France

    In this story about freezed moment, the camera is the only moving character. Made with remarkable skill, this film presents inovative use of movie language.

  • The best film in category of running time up to 15 minutes

    Simone Masi, Italy

    Gentle and poetic film with impressive and wonderful design is about a little boy who meets life for the very first time. This is a story about life and death seen through a boy’s eyes.

  • Award for the best direction

    Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Poland

    This film in an unusual and provident way tells story about despondency and salvation of human kind.

  • Award for the best animation

    Bill Plympton, USA

    This master of animation has surprised us again. Shuteye Hotel is masterpiece distinguished by precision, adjusted but always fresh animation.

  • Award for the best screenplay

    Igor Ćorić, Serbia

    This is a funny and elegant story about great and desirable dreams, as well as man’s hopes remain unfullfiled. Cleverly written script allow things to happened in front of our eyes as well as in it’s background.

  • Grant Orchard, Great Britain

    The commercial responds to the subject in funny and charming way and is going – no doubt – to make you love sport!

  • ANIMANIMA Festival Special Award for the contribution to the art of animation

    Borivoj Dovniković-Bordo, Croatia

    Special Distinctions
  • Adriaan Lokman, Netherlands

    An abstract film, and in the same time defined in its subject. Poetic in its atmosphere, this is a film about atmospheric variation.

  • Simon Bogojević-Narath, Croatia

    Impressive antiwar story tells about collective activity against enemies. The film is telling about consequences of war, which is always caused by humans.

  • Selection Jury’s mention

    Emilio Ramos, Mexico

    This remarkable film of an exceptional visual beauty is a story about phantasmagoric event in the life of the poor inhabitans of a litle village told by Ramos in marquezian way.

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