• Screenings

    A principal aim of the ANIMANIMA festival is to affirm the art of animation, through featuring works of national and international authors. The works themselves comprise the most diverse techniques, ranging form the classical ones to the contemporary computerised techniques; they also cover a variety of forms, including artistic, commercial educative, experimental and other. Last but not least, the festival aims to bring together authors form all over the world, in a friendly and creative atmosphere.

  • Festival Guests

    There are two categories in the festival competition: films with the running times up to 30 minutes, and animated commercial or music video. Outside the competing segment, there is the special sections (reviews, lectures, retrospectives, miscellaneous shows, etc.), as well as the fringe events (exhibitions, concerts, promotions and similar events). There is a three-member Serbian Selection Comitee that selects the films for the festival, and there is a three-member international Jury that is in charge of the festival awards.

  • Presentations & lectures

    The festival’s main award, "Golden peg bar", consists of the money prize and diploma. Peg bar is a kind of ruler frequently used in the classical animation drawing, and the intention by giving its name to the Grand Prix was to preserve symbolically the link between the traditional and the contemporary animation.

  • Exibitions

    Festival is under the auspices of the City of Čačak and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia, and its organiser is the Čačak Cultural Centre - as the focal point of the city’s cultural events, the Centre provides the facilities for ANIMANIMA.

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