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Opening: Tuesday, Sept. 4th.
Venue: Art Gallery
Time: 8:30 p.m.
  • Animated films of Aleksa Gajić

    Aleksa Gajić, born in Belgrade in 1974, is known for his equally balanced engagement in three different branches of popular art. During the past 20 years, his works have included numerous creations in the area of illustration, comic books and animation. He likes to say that until now, he has been unable to decide which number of pictures sutis him best. “If you use a single picture to tell a story, it is an illustration. If you tell a story using a hundred pictures, it’s a comic book, but if you add another thousand, then it’s an animated film. The real goal is to tell a good story, and the choice of the medium is the matter of the author’s sensiblity.“ Which in Aleksa’s case could be translated as – 12 pictures in a second!

    Apart from this interesting comparison, the title he chose for the exhibition points to the technique used in Aleksa’s animated films, while at the same time making a pun on the conditions in which he creates, knowing that proper animation requires 24 pictures per second, so what can an artist do when there is enough money for only 12 pictures… Joking apart, the number of pictures in his works varies between 24 in 3D animation to only one, which is de-planned to several segments or layers in motion, creating a dimensional impact (used with particular success in the short films produced within the radio-series ‘Radiovision’ commissioned by the Serbian Radio and Television).

    Nonetheless, classical 2D animation remains Aleksa’s main ‘weapon’ as will be seen in most of the exhibits on display, drawing a chronological line from first modest attempts to ‘shake’ the drawing, through videos and commercials, to Aleksa’s second animated feature. The exhibition is a vivid presentation of the artist’s skilful balance between the artistic (auteur) and the commercial (communicative) approach, which he explains like this: “I always try to come as close as possible to the line which will make the film clear and understandable at the same time, while also retaining the necessary dose of frankness and humane touch, both in the visual sense and the script itself.“

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