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Datum: Thursday, 13.11.2014.
Venue: Middle Lobby
Time: 8:45 p.m.
The exhibition includes works in the area of animation, illustration and comic art, representing a result of the authors’ and commercial engagement over the past few years. The works are presented in the form of printing templates, original works and projections. Almost every work will be accompanied by the accessory material including sketches, studies, try-outs, samples of pallets, textures and other items used in the working process.

In this way, the exhibition not only presents to the visitors the entire process of creation and raises the general awareness of the nature of the profession, but it also presents the two methods of creation: focused, controlled, goal-oriented and limited by the client’s requests, as well as the spontaneous, unrestricted, research-oriented work.

Opening: Thursday, 13th of November at 8:45 p.m. Exibition will be closed November 19th.
Ivan Stojković
Ivan Stojković was born in Prokuplje in 1988. Having graduated from the High School of Art in Niš, Department of Graphic Design, he went on to study Graphic Design at the Facutly of Applied Arts in Niš and Animation at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He graduated in 2012, in the class of Professor Rastko Ćirić.

Ivan has participated in collectiove exhibitions around the country, and has also had independent exhibitions in the ‘Grad’ Cultural Centre in Belgrade; he took part in animation festivals in the country and abroad (Balkanima 2011, Belgrade; Animateka 2011, Ljubljana; Animafest 2012, Zagreb; competition for the 2013 Int’l Children’s Film Festival in New York).

The received awards in the field of comic strip and animation include the Award for the Best Alternative Comic Strip at the International Comic Strip Salon in Belgrade, 2009; the Zoptik award at the European Animated Film Festival ‘Balkanima’ in Belgrade, 2011; the Best Young Drawing Artist, awarded at the Balkan Review of Comic Strip Artists in Leskovac in 2013; the ‘Branko Plavšić’ plaque, awarded at the International Comic Strip Conference at the Youth Centre in Kragujevac, 2014. Currently living and working in Čačak.
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