• Wicked Girl

    Kötü Kiz

  • S. is an 8-year-old Turkish girl with a very vivid imagination. She loves nature and animals. From her hospital bed, she looks back on happy times spent in her grandparents‘ village, but some dark and terrifying memories also emerge.

  • Ayce Kartal

  • France, Turkey, 2017, 7:59
    2D computer animation
  • Direction: Ayce Kartal
    Script: Ayce Kartal
    Animation: Ayce Kartal, Vaïana Gauthier, Jeanne Irzenski, Romain Vacher Montaža l Editing: Amiel Emdin
    Editing: Amiel Emdin
    Sound design: Tarık Aslan
    Production: Les Valseurs