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Date: Saturday, September 10th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 12:00 am
The collection of films before you represents only a tiny fraction of what the fabulous puppet makers from the Estonia capital Tallinn have created so far in their workshops, for the youngest lovers of animation worldwide. The process of creating children’s animated can also be perceived as a professional challenge, and this is further asserted by the fact that the Nukufilm Studio is also the venue for animators and directors like Riho Unt and Priit Tender, renowned authors whose animated films for senior audience has won them a worldwide fame.

In the collection of films for Animanima’s children programme – courtesy of the Studio and our guest Kerdi Oengo, producer of the Nukufilm Studio – a special place is dedicated to the series of films about Miriam the hen, who goes from one adventure to another, always keen to show why she is the Esthonian children’s favourite. Following Miriam trough her adventures, the children gain important knowledge about the world around us and learn how to adopt the most important ethical values implied by the family and friends, and also develop their aesthetic habits and needs. Although intended primarily for the youngest audience, pre-school children and primary pupils, these films are actually an enjoyable family experience. The master puppet-makers from the north of Europe continue to create their magic items, making childhood interesting, beautiful and memorable.

  • Carrot
    Porgand | Pärtel Tall | 2003 | 7’

    The hare doesn’t have a carrot, but the Snowman has it. The hare is hungry and the snowman becomes persecuted...

  • Carrot in the Theatre
    Teatriporgand | Pärtel Tall | 2006 | 6’

    Snowman with a carrot nose is escaping from the hare. During the pursuit they both occur to be on the stage of the theatre, in the backstages of it pivotal events take place...

  • Miriam Plays Hide and Seek
    Miriam mängib peitust | Priit Tender | 2004 | 5’

    While father and mother are outside, Miriam, little brother and hen start playing hide-and-seek. Hen hides in a suitcase but the suitcase gets locked in a cupboard...

  • Miriam’s Stray Dog
    Miriami kodutu koer | Riho Unt | 2015 | 5’

    Miriam and her family are building a snowman. There is a stray dog watching them to do it and who definitely likes the snowman very much...

  • Miriam’s Colors
    Miriami värvid | Girlin-Bassovskaja | 2008 | 5’

    Miriam finds old photos. While waching them she actually starts seeing all the world around her in black and white...

  • Miriam’s Picnic
    Miriami piknik | Andres Tenusaar | 2007 | 5’

    The family is outing. After little mess, the brave chicken ends up as the hero of the day...

  • Lemonade story
    Limonaadi lugu | Vallo Toomla | 2013 | 9’

    Holger wants some lemonade, but mom refuses to buy it. Unhappy Holger still takes a bottle off the shelf and.... gets sucked into the lemonade bottle!

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