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Date: Sunday, September 11th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
Curated by Fernando Galrito, artistic director of Monstra festival (Lisbon, Portugal)

The collection of animated films from Portugal created in the last decade represents a possible overview of the contemporary animation in this country. Drama stories that underpin each of these films suggest exceptional sensitivity of their authors, presenting the viewers with scenes of recognisable spirit and tradition (fado, traditional Portuguese music in the film by Pedro Brito) or a place (Lisbon tramcar in the film by José Xavier, as a tourist attraction evoking as well nostalgic memories of times gone-by).

The selector of the programme, Fernando Galrito, art director of the animation festival Monstra in Lisbon will also present himself as an author, together with João Ramos, with the film A Shadow in the Soul, telling an interesting story about a game played by a man and his (elusive) shadow. A special place in this selection prepared especially for this year’s Animanima belongs to the film Tragic Story with a Happy End, produced by the famous author from Coimbra Regina Pessoa. The film that won the Annecy Grand Prix in 2006 develops a poetic narrative about a girl who gets upset by the loud beating of her own heart, while at the same time telling an expository tale of the need to accept one’s own diversity and use it to appreciate the value and beauty of one’s own life.

    Com uma sombra na Alma | Fernando Galrito, João Ramos | Portugal, 2005, 10´

    She passes by, he follows her. What is she doing at that hour? He looses her. Images of other meetings come to his memory. He finds her. The persecution continues, he’s more and more anguished.

  • 28
    José Xavier | Portugal, 2008, 4´

    A trip in the 28 tram as a tribute to Fernando Pessoa.

    Os Olhos do Farol | Pedro Serrazina | Portugal, 2010, 15´

    In a rocky island exposed to the elements, a lighthouse keeper lives alone with his daughter. From the top of his tower, the father keeps vigil to the horizon line and for the safety of the passing sails. With no other company, the girl develops a unique complicity with the sea, which brings her toys in the shape of debris on the shore. Following the rhythm of the waves, these objects will unveil previous events, memories that the tide cannot erase…  

    Abraço do Vento | José Miguel Ribeiro | Portugal, 2004, 3´

    In a world where iron and land mix themselves creating unexpected cities, the wind blows life among leaves in the eternal rebirth cycle. This is the wind’s embrace.

  • SOOT
    Fuligem | David Doutel e Vasco Sá | Portugal, 2014, 14´

    It’s like soot that rests on the walls of our head. We can’t see it. It belongs there already.

    Várzea | Dislate de Pássaro José Xavier | Portugal, 2010, 3´

    An animated poem.

    Fado do Homem Crescido | Pedro Brito | Portugal, 2012, 7´

    Sitting in a tavern, after having lunch with an old friend, a man remembers small stories of a childhood spent in a popular neighbourhood of Lisbon. At the sound of a surreal fado, played by António Zambujo and with original music by João Lucas, several scenes of the past seem to move the man, tormenting him with mixed emotions of grief and joy. Finally, the experience leaves him a bitter taste of no morality at all: it is impossible to grow without sacrificing innocence.

    História Trágica com Final Feliz | Regina Pessoa | Portugal, 2005, 8´

    Some people are different, against their will.  All what they wish is to be equal to the others, deliciously mixing among the crowd.  There are people spending the rest of their lives fighting to achieve this, denying or hiding their differences. Some other assume it and raise up themselves, getting their place close to the others… in their hearts…

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