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Date: Wednesday, September 6th
Venue: Conference Room
Time: 6:00 pm
Bruno Bozzetto (Milan, Italy, 1938) created his first animated short Tapum, the history of weapons back in 1958. This animated short was screened at Cannes and sparked interest amongst the audience as well as the critics, making it possible for him to meet Norman McLaren and John Halas, a very famous British film producer who offered him the chance of collaborating. In 1960 the Bruno Bozzetto Film Company was established in Milan. That’s when Bruno gave life to his very first and timeless character, Mr Rossi, still very popular today since he embodies the qualities of a middle class man bound to face the evergreen problems of Italian society.
Bozzeto’s renowned feature films are West and Soda (1967), Vip my brother superman (1968) and Allegro non Troppo (1976), the latter regarded by the critique as the Italian answer to illustrious Fantasia by Walt Disney, who strongly inspired Bruno throughout his career.
For the most noteworthy short films, Bozzeto received much recognition as well as many awards including four Italian Silver Ribbons, ten Career Awards, The Golden Bear Award for Mr Tao at the Berlin Film Festival and an Oscar Nomination for Grasshoppers in 1991. In 1995 Help! became part to the project What a cartoon! by Hanna& Barbera. Since 2000 Bruno has been devoting himself to 2D computer animation, creating a significant number of short films, destined to the Internet, the very first of which Europe and Italy gained great success worldwide. Today, Bruno Bozzetto with the full support of his own Studio of Production, Studio Bozzetto & Co., based in Milan, has been working on several 2D and 3D projects.

Tapum! The Weapons History (1958, 11:07)
Two Castles (1963, 3:35)
A life in a Tin (1967, 6:15)
Opera (1973, 10:28)
Baby Story (1978, 10:23)
Sigmund (1983, 2:03)
Mister Tao (1988, 2:38)
Grashoppers (Cavallette, 1990, 8:24)
Drop (1993, 3:26)
Europe & Italy (1999, 6:26)
Neuro (2004, 2:40)

  • Saturday, September 9th | Grand Hall | 14:00

    Written and directed by: Marco Bonfanti, Italy, 2016, 74’
    Produced by Zagora and Istituto Luce-Cinecittà with Sky Arte HD
    Subtitled in English

    It's something the protagonist of this film has been doing for over 50 years: he has made more than 300 feature films, short films and animations for television and the web, and he is still at it, loved by millions of viewers around the world. He has received a Golden Bear, an Oscar nomination, and prizes and tributes from all over the world, and he is internationally considered a genius of animation, his name standing beside those of Miyazaki, John Lasseter of Pixar, Nick Park and Matt Groening of The Simpsons (some of whom cite him explicitly as an influence). He is rather reserved when it comes to all the rewards and glories, though, which is another reason why it's always a surprise to discover that he really is a maestro – what some people simply call a legend. He is an Italian, and his name is Bruno Bozzetto. With its protagonist as our guide, Bozzetto Non Troppo takes us into his world, his home and his office. He introduces us to his animals, his family, friends and co-workers: Bruno Bozzetto is our host – both in his car and, pencil in hand, in his dreams.

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