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Date: Wednesday, September 6th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
The Bezalel Academy of Art & Design is proud to present a selection of short animated films produced in the Screen Based Arts Department over the past five years. The films, apart from showing a high degree of mastery of the various animation techniques also demonstrate an impressive ability to form effective cinematic experiences by use of narrative, structures and humor.
Made in the most prominent animation school in Israel, mentored and guided by highly skilled animators and media people, these cinematic works is certainly a celebration of creativity and originality by young Israeli filmmakers today.
The program will be introduced by Tal Gadon, a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy Screen Based Arts Department.

  • 01 ELI
    Sagi Alter & Reut Elad, 2014, 7:30

    The film illustrates a day in a life of an Israeli soldier during his service, located in the Palestinian territory. A local boy dressed as a bunny starts a chase that blurs the line between the pursuer and the pursued, between reality and imagination.

    Tal Kantor, 2015, 5:55

    A man recalls a moment of a lost opportunity to communicate with his daughter. Their brief meeting after so many years undermines his world and renders his words meaningless.

    Shahaf Ram, 2014, 6:55

    A desperate attempt to return to the innocence found in creation, to a place that does not judge and does not ask any questions. A journey of an artist, growing up and maturing, through the viewing of old video tapes.

    Inbal Bentzur & Itan De-Botton, 2016, 08:55

    Frazzled Nadav is driving frantically to the hospital to be present for his first son’s birth when he gets into a terrible accident that takes him on the journey of his life.

    Ira Elshansky, 2014, 5:23

    An animation short about the relationship between a father and his grown up daughter. It starts out in an ordinary situation with the father and daughter sitting at the kitchen table. The daughter is waiting for her food to get warm and is annoyed by her father's questions and suggestions. The situation then develops and transforms into a surrealistic world full of love and pain.

  • 06 LUMA
    Carmel Ben Ami & Sohini Tal, 2014, 8:32

    Alex, a 13 year old teenager, is going through puberty in an “empty” house, where all are immersed in their own screens. Can the screen replace the human touch she longs for?

  • 07 GLAVA
    Stav Levi, 2015, 4:20

    A bald and disheartened man stands on the edge of the ocean and decides to get rid of his head. Sadly, his decision has unfortunate consequences.

    Ido Behar, 2016, 05:58

    Putzi, a mentally challenged kid who dreams to fly. His situation gets worse when the neighborhood boys convince him to fly from the top of the school building.

    Kobi Vogman, 2014, 5:45

    A puppet tries to leave its bench and explore its surroundings. The journey of the puppet will teach it to overcome its fears, but also to appreciate what it already had.

    Yali Herbet, Lee Dror, 2015, 6:47

    The relationship between a young girl and her father is being reflected as they spend time together in a car, driving on an endless road.

    Daphna Awadish, 2015, 9:09

    Personal stories fuse together as man and bird in a cinematic commentary on immigration.

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