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Date: Thursday, September 7th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
STIVEN VOLOŠIN: Retrospective of films
Steven Woloshen was born in Laval, Canada in 1960. For more than 30 years, he has passionately created over 50 award-winning, abstract films and time-based installations for festivals, galleries and museums. Twice nominated for Canada's Governor General's award, he has received numerous research and creation grants and, most recently, was awarded the 2016 René Jodoin lifetime achievement award, and 2015 Wiesbaden Lifetime Achievement Award. Woloshen is a teacher, film conservationist, animator, craftsman and the author of two books, Recipes for Reconstruction: The Cookbook for the Frugal Filmmaker (2010), a hands-on manual for decay, renewal and other handmade, analogue film techniques, and Scratch, Crackle & Pop! A Whole Grains Approach to Making Films without a Camera (2015). Under his own banner, Scratchatopia, Woloshen has hosted solo retrospectives and taught handmade filmmaking techniques at workshops and master classes in Argentina, Morocco, USA, Slovenia, Australia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Mexico as well as across Canada.

  • 01 Free Speech
    0:20, sound, experimental, 2012

    A public service announcement. A plea to free jailed Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi.

  • 02 Playtime
    2:44, sound, animation, 2009

    Jock MacDonald painted in both worlds: figurative and the abstract. Playtime pays homage to his dedication, spirit and wonderful subject matter – both real and imaginary.

  • 03 The Babble On Palms
    4:00, sound, animation, 2002

    Individuality and common experiences in the modern world.

  • 04 The Curse of the Voodoo Child
    3:20, sound, animation, 2005

    The cycle of sex, birth, fire and childhood. Will my child repeat this cycle, or invent a new one.

  • 05 Fiesta Brava
    3:30, sound, animation, 2011

    The bull fights are over. Now, the bulls invite you to the world’s biggest party.

  • 06 Chronicle Reconstructions
    3:00, sound, experimental, 2008

    A short film about love and loss and the Matabeleland tribe of Southern Rhodesia.

  • 07 Bru Ha Ha!
    2:00, sound, animation, 2002

    Bru Ha Ha! is a short hand made35 mm film that uses paint, emulsion scratches, and dry transfer lettering to represent voices and instrumentation. “Unplanned” as a spontaneous study of inhuman relationships of abstract characters.

  • 08 1000 Plateaus (2004-2014)
    3:21, sound, animation, 2014

    A musical celebration of travel, jazz and road maps, this abstract film was created entirely in the front seat of a car with ink, paint and other simple tools.

  • 09 SNIP
    1:30, sound, animation, 2004

    Shards of film fly from the screen with the frenetic sounds of Fats Waller on the piano. In Cinemascope!

  • 10 Rebuttal
    2:00, sound, animation, 2005

    Penned under the alias, Luther Cartier, an abstract “Rebuttal” to J.P. Morton’s (a.k.a. Bill Plympton) mock abstract film, “Spiral”.

  • 11 The Rosetta Stone
    5:03, sound, experimental, 2010

    As a young woman reads a newspaper we in turn, read her.  Eventually, she submerges into a sea of decay.

  • 12 The Homestead Act
    8:00, sound/silent, experimental, 2009

    28mm and 35mm nitrate film loops are buried in fertile soil with surprising results.

  • 13 Ditty Dot Comma/span>
    3:00, sound, animation, 2001

    Ditty Dot Comma is a hand painted, wide screen 35 mm film that honors the relationship between the eye and the ear. The and the comma, literary punctuation marks, are also used as symbols and designs.

  • 14 Casino
    3:45, sound, animation, 2016

    A film for my Father who gambled with love.

  • 15 National Tapestry
    2:00, Silent, experimental, 2015

    Created as a silent, large-scale installation for public spaces, National Tapestry draws our focus to the weft and the warp of the woven image.

  • 16 Changing Evan
    1:15, sound, animation, 2006

    I think my daughter is a puzzle. Just when I thought everything was o.k the chicken pox struck...

  • 17 Minuet
    1:00, sound, animation, 2003

    An essay in color harmonics and visual overtones. Commissioned by the 2003 Images Film and Video Festival, Toronto.

  • 18 When the Sun Turns into Juice
    2:00, sound, animation, 2011

    This film, taken from my 4 year-old daughter’s metaphor for a sunset, was originally created as an art gallery installation housing a 200-foot long acrylic filmstrip.

  • 19 Two Eastern Hair Lines
    4:00, sound, animation, 2004

    An Exploration of communication and isolation/east and west.

  • 20 Shimmer Box Drive
    3:45, sound, animation, 2007

    Thoughts, visions and reflections from the driver’s seat. In Cinemascope.

  • 21 Crossing Victoria
    4:00, sound, experimental animation, 2013

    Ten years ago, I made a treacherous, late night winter journey across an old, Montréal historical landmark. Through the freezing rain, wind and snow, these were the ironclad hallucinations that I encountered on my path.

  • 22 Pepper Steak
    3:00, sound, animation, 1984

    An essay in multiple composites and textures.

  • 23 Cameras Take Five
    3:00, sound, animation, 2003

    The enduring romance of the lines. A visual exploration of Dave Brubeck’s Jazz Classic, “Take Five.” In Cinemascope!

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