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Narrative Animation from Austria - 2012-2014
Grand Hall l Friday, September 11th l 7:30 p.m.

Film Art from Austria is well-known for its avantgarde tradition and indeed an experimental approach dominates the support and production of short film in general. Also in the field of animation (festivals) the Austrians have the reputation of enjoying to brake traditional rules and sometimes to “torture” the audience.
But in fact everything has changed a lot during the past few years. New schools and courses for animation have been founded, many young people enjoy to work with audio-visual media, consequently the production of animation has increased enormously during the past few years, and also the variety of techniques and artistic approaches has widened.

Since 2011 ASIFA Austria organises the BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION competition during the ONE DAY ANIMATION FESTIVAL at the end of November, in order to support such a rich variety. A main prize and six honorable mentions are given by a prominent jury, and all the films are presented for the international audience on our website (http://www.asifa.at/bestaustriananimation).

For the ANIMANIMA 2015 programme I concentrated on a selection of narrative films and found it remarkable, that also in this field in quite a part of the films the influence of the experimental art climate is obvious. Enjoy a selection of “strange stories and funny songs”.

Thomas Renoldner
Animation Studio Leader - Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna
01 After Treatment
Original title: Nachbehandlung
Director: Edith Stauber
2012 / 11:00
In a hospital`s aftercare ward, the patients are waiting, wrapped in bandages, holding diagnostic reports, reading free magazines. Waiting to be called up for an X-ray, check-up or monitoring. The monitors beep. The coffee machine hums. A wheelchair silently glides past. After treatment transforms an everyday situation into a choreographed audiovisual mosaic, the portrait of a microcosm, a snapshot of life.
02 The River
Director: David Kellner
2013 / 16:00
The River is a silent movie about a man who finishes work on his book of life and then heads out towards utilisation.
03 Family Portrait
Director: Birgit Scholin
2013 / 3:21
A prehistoric grave in the museum of natural history in Vienna still remains a secret for archeologists. It consists of a man and two woman with four children of various age. Their posture implies, that they were burried alive.
04 Antimater Sorbet
Director: Kathrin Pordzik
2014 / 6:11
A story not about a nursing mother who feeds her children but a vengeful vampire who feeds on children.
05 Le meat
Director: Wolfgang Matzl
2014 / 2:20
The telephone rings. “It is served, Sir.”
06 The Death of M
Original title: Der Tod Des M
Director: Klemens Waldhuber
2012 / 3:39
The Death of M: Based on the historical assassination of French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat in 1793, two pieces of soap restage this event in a soap dish and create a new and more ‚theatrical‘ ending.
07 If We Had Only Tried
Director: Reinhold Bidner
2012 / 3:06
The film deals with inequities, contradictions, dependencies and balance of power in an ironic and playful way. Music video for 'Sharon and the Stones'
08 Telephone Book Polka
Original title: Die Telefonbuchpolka
Director: Benjamin Swiczinsky
2013 / 5:00
The cult song by the Austrian-American singer-songwriter and comedian Georg Kreisler as an animated music commissioned by Makido film, ARTE and ZDF.
09 The Visit
Director: Sabine Pleyel
2013 / 3:30
A visit of a special kind, which changed a lot – and a gift with surprising consequences ....
10 The cook in love
Original title: Der Verliebte Koch
Director: Verena Hochleitner, Ulrike Swoboda-Ostermann
2013 / 10:00
The cook in love stirs his thoughts into the soup whilst cooking. He serves it to his guest, but since this disapproves of such, the cook´s thoughts in love escape through the window, in order to impose itself on someone else.
11 Follow You
Director: Katharina Petsche
2014 / 3:50
The band members are shown as funny animal characters who go on a tour around the world. Animated music video for the band “Selma & The Sound”.
12 Trespass
Director: Paul Wenninger
2012 / 11:00
This real-animation film is a technically impressive, varied, and precise tour de force. A consistent element throughout is a type of avatar of the director, a character created from real images, whom the film sends on a world journey, of sorts, within his own four walls.
Grand Hall l Saturday, September 12th l 7:30 p.m.

The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School was established in 1948 in Łódź and is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious film schools in the world. In August 2014 it was ranked 2nd in The Hollywood Reporters' „The Top 15 International Film Schools” article. Its mission is to educate directors and cinematographers of both live-action and animated films, lighting designers, still photographers, editors, screenwriters, producers and actors. Students gather practical and theoretical knowledge, and shoot their own projects on film or digital under artistic guidance of acclaimed Polish and international filmmakers. The school takes great pride in its unique master-apprentice relationship, which resulted in an amazing array of projects made by its alumni. Representative of the School at Animanima 2015: Aleksandra Chrapowicka, Animation Department.
01 Birth Of The Nation
Original title: Narodziny narodu
Director: Kamil Polak
2001 / 5:00
Minimalistic animation presenting birth and fall of a nation.
02 Twin
Original title: Dubler
Director: Izabela Plucińska
2001 / 3:50
A shadow follows an old man home pretending to be his twin brother. The shadow repeats his behavior until he ends up replacing the old man.
03 Dunia. There And Back
Original title: Dunia. Tam i z Powrotem
Director: Joanna Jasińska
2003 / 7:00
This is the story about a very strange girl. She has a great imagination which, little by little, enters to her real world…
04 Mouse
Original title: Mysz
Director: Wojciech Wawszczyk
2003 / 8:00
The film tells a story of how difficult it is to stay true to oneself amongst the people who seem to have stronger personality. A story of a friendship between man and a mouse.
05 Episode
Original title: Epizod
Director: Agata Gorządek
2007 / 6:00
This film tells the story about a person experiencing schizophrenia, about his fascinations, treatment and, eventually, recurrence of the illness.
06 A Film With No Flies On
Original title: Film, Że Mucha Nie Siada
Director: Michał Poniedzielski
A film about a fly’s life as such.
07 Summertime
Director: Cyprian Piwowarski
2009 / 9:00
Two worlds, two colours and an ocean of wheat.
08 Shivering Trunks
Original title: Drżące Trąby
Director: Natalia Brożyńska
2010 / 3:24
Pafnucy, a furry creature  is crying, not satisfied with his appearance - latex trunk, ears sticking out in odd way. He fails to imitate one "pin up boy", Kalasanty... Pafnucy goes mad, tears picture of Kalasanty, thinks to himself "either me or him".
09 Splat!
Original title: Pac!
Director: Alicja Błaszczyńska
2012 / 1:15
A short story about an ordinary woman who wants to take a bath. Unfortunately for her, this casual activity turns out to be tragic.
10 Ab ovo
Director: Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi
2012 / 5:12
Each woman possesses a beautiful and frightening fertility power. The film takes us into an intimate journey round a woman’s body.
11 Luke And Lotta
Original title: Łukasz i Lotta
Director: Renata Gąsiorowska
2012 / 8:37
A story about cone-girl Lotta and pear-boy Luke who go for a date.
12 Monstrosity
Original title: Potworioza
Director: Michał Makowski
2012 / 6:30
A crazy scientist and a monster created by him.
13 An Incredibly Elastic Man
Director: Karolina Specht
2013 / 4:57
The story of a man without shape. Given this ephemeral body he is constraint to deal with the people, things and places that are constantly shaping him. Can one live completely detached from others, from reality? Who and what decides of who we are in the end?
14 Kigo
Director: Izumi Yoshida 2013 / 7:27
Depiction of the phenomena of nature specific for each of the four seasons, is an abstract visualization of Japanese poems called Haiku. Evanescence and transience are features of the transforming universe.
Special Programme
Grand Hall l Sunday, September 13th l 6:00 p.m.

Visegrad Animation Forum is a market access platform that strives to attract new partners, producers, broadcasters, and film distributors. It also tries to find ways of financing both short animated films and animated TV series. Lastly, it seeks to increase professional experience, to present the abilities of filmmakers and producers, and improve the content and the aesthetic qualities of the projects.

Animated film industry has a tremendous potential in the countries of Eastern Europe. However, without the support of high-quality projects, first-rate authors and experienced film and television professionals, it can not evolve. That is why we strive to help animated film authors improve their practical skills and we look for new ways to connect them with television producers and distributors from different countries.

Every year, the quality of Visegrad animation increases and, since the possibilities of promotion of animated films through national film institutes are limited, alternative ways of presentation are needed. With this in mind, VAF has taken the initiative and started VISEGRAD ANIMATION RALLYE. As the first project of its kind in the territory of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we are striving to make the animation from our region visible beyond the borders of the countries of origin. The selection of the 8 best films made by students and debuting artists in 2014 and 2015 for the Visegrad Animation Rallye focuses on extraordinary talents whose works promise successful future careers. The launch ceremony and the first public screening of the DVD will take place at the Visegrad Animation Forum 2015.

The DVD is not meant for commercial purposes, but for dissemination at film markets, among film distributors, sales agents and programme directors. The Visegrad Animation Forum has cooperated on the project with national film centres, film festival organisers and domestic professionals from the V4 countries. Our ambition is to continuously raise awareness of Visegrad young animation and support its further development, visibility and distribution. The films included in the compilation were chosen by the board of experts – festival directors from the V4 countries: Anna Ida Orosz (Primanima, HU), Olga Bobrowská (StopTrik, PL), Pavel Horáček (Anifilm, CZ) and Maroš Brojo (Fest Anča, SK).
Izvorni naslov: Niebieski Pokój
Direction: Tomasz Siwiński
France, Poland, 2014, 14:00
A man wakes up in a blue room. He’s stuck and he can’t escape. A window is his only connection to the outer world. It filters the reality in a very mysterious way...
Izvorni naslov: Łakomstwa endemita
Direction: Natalia Dziedzic
Poland, 2014, 11:00
At the seaside beach fates of balding sailor, young girl and two modest creatures – the bee and the crab are tangling. Going after their greediness, they meet a waffles stand. This is an animated story about primal desires, which are present in the human nature.
Izvorni naslov: V rade
Direction: Kamila Kučíková
Slovakia, 2014, 4:00
For some waiting in line is a pleasant thing, for most not. Anything can happen in the timespan of one queue.
Direction: Joanna Kożuch
Slovakia, 2014, 13:00
A young violinist is about to play his big solo with the Philharmonic of Fongopolis City. However, his path to success is unexpectedly stopped at a train station. In the chaos of signs, advertisements, lights and crowds in a rush, he cannot find the way to the right platform.To find his train he has to stop for a while.
Direction: Nándor Bera
Hungary, 2014, 9:00
An adaptation of Voltaire’s 18th century satire in a nutshell. We follow the naive and hopelessly optimistic hero, Candide, on his journey.Throughout the story, the characters change and evolve while learningthe workings of the world surrounding them. The experimental short is a pilot of a TV series in production.
Direction: Zsuzsanna Kreif, Borbála Zétényi
France, Hungary, 2014, 15:00
A group of solitary and disillusioned women take the Limbo-Limbo Bus to a distant exotic country to find the happiness they wish for. They arrive in a land occupied by a tribe of men with moustaches. This meeting awakens the women’s primitive instincts, and without worrying about civilised behavioral rules, rules, they start chasing the prey: the male.
Izvorni naslov: Jedlíci brambor
Direction: Martin Kukal
Czech Republic, 2014, 4:00
A tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, the man, who was once passing trough the Brabantse land.
Izvorni naslov: Zápletka
Direction: Stanislav Sekela
Czech Republic, 2014, 9:00
An animated drama about the strong connection between two lovers two lovers in the world of plants.
Feature animated film
Grand Hall l Thursday, September 10th l 10:30 p.m.

Original Title: O Menino e o Mundo
Director: Alê Abreu
Compositing: Débora Fernandes, Débora Slikta, Luiz Henrique Rodrigues, Marcus Vinicius Vasconcelos
Sound Design: Pedro Lima, Marcelo Cyro
Production: Filme de Papel, 2013

The film tells us about a boy who, suffering from his father’s absence, leaves his village and discovers a fantastic world dominated by animal-machines and strange beings. This is a wonderful story, extraordinary animated with many artistic techniques, portraying the issues of the modern world through the eyes of a child.
Alê Abreu (1971, São Paulo) at the age of 13 he signed in the workshop of animation of the Brazilian Museum of Image and Sound, where he made his first short, entitled Elephant Memory. Graduated in Social Communication, he made the shorts Sirius (1993), and Scarecrow (1998). Alê developed several works for advertising as the award-winning Nestle's Milk Bottles, and many illustrations for magazines, newspapers and books, like the classics, The mystery of the five star by Marcos Rey, Fresh Blood, by João Carlos Marino, and the The boy that spyed within, by Ana Maria Machado. In 2008 he released in theaters and on DVD the feature animation Cosmic Boy. Alê’s short Passo (2007) has been screened at the most important animation festivals in the world.
Special Programme
Grand Hall l Sunday, September 13th l 8:00 p.m.

Igor Ćorić is an animator and film director of inexorable energy. Over the past twelve or so years, he has made more than two hundred animated shorts, which have been screened at almost every festival of animated and short films around the world. His work has taken him to the end of the world and back – after living and working in Brisbane, Australia, for five years, he has returned and lived in Belgrade since 2014.

Igor Ćorić was born on 25th April 1978 in Strasbourg, France. He attended the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he received his degree at the Department for Painting, before obtaining his MA Degree in drawing in 2002. After his first attempts at animation in 2002, from 2004 onwards his films were featured within the programmes of the world’s most prestigious festivals of short and animated films (Ottawa 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2009; Annecy 2005; Zagreb 2006 and 2008; Hiroshima 2008, Clermont Ferrand 2012.)

The Beglrade City Secretariat for Culture, the Ministry of Culture of the Reublic of Serbia and the Film Centre of Serbia have supported his two animated shorts: Leftovers, from 2006 and Feathers In Flame, from 2009. Between 2004 and 2008 he also workd as an illustrator of books and text books published by the National Institute for Textbooks in Belgrade. From July 2009, until August 2014, he lived and worked in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia).

One of Igor’s animated films was the official Animanima festival video in 2008. The selection of works from the opus of this prolific author made for this year’s Animanima will open a door to an extraordinary world through which we will travel to the end and back, with every new journey guaranteed to bring us new pleasures of relishing the creativity of this great Serbian animator.
Global Warming
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 2:00, 2007.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:00, 2007.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:15, 2007.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 5:00, 2012.
Direction: Igor Ćorić
Animation: Igor Ćorić, Hana Rajković
Sound: Sheldon Lieberman
Serbia, 3:00, 2006.
Direction: Igor Ćorić
Animation: Igor Ćorić, Sam Hahn, Declan Burn
Sound: Sheldon Lieberman
Serbia, 3:00, 2006.
Three Feathers and a Rainworm
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Muzika: L.V. Beethoven
Serbia, 4:00, 2004.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound & music: Sheldon Lieberman
Serbia, 2:00, 2006.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:00, 2008.
Matt Flounder
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 2:00, 2007.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:00, 2014.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:00, 2007.
Yoghurt Pants
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:00, 2008.
My House
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:00, 2008.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:00, 2009.
Yogi Kudu
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:00, 2008.
Fishing or Crabpotting?
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 2:00, 2011.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 4:00, 2013.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 2:00, 2014.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:20, 2008.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 3:30, 2011.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 2:00, 2008.
Direction & animation: Igor Ćorić
Sound, music & script: Sheldon Lieberman
Australia, 1:00, 2008.
Programme for children

Friday-Sunday, September 11-13th

Who is this funny guy contriving inventions to make life easier for his fellow citizens? Who else, but Professor Balthazar! Scientist, good-natured lover of nature and its creatures, popular champion and defender of the good against the evil, environmentalist, advocate of tolerance, peace and love! In the world of Professor Balthazar, problems are resolved without violence or aggression, in a way that is humane and plausible, so fundamentally Balthazarian. Because he is witty, imaginative, modest and unassertive, supportive and selfless!
The cult animated series, still popular with all generations, was created by great animation artist Zlatko Grgić (1931-1988). Its catchy musical theme, one of the trademarks of the series, was written by film music composer Tomislav Simović, while Zdravko Štalter thought of the name for the ingenious scientist. In the period between 1967 and 1978, 57 episodes were produced by a team of some 20 people, to mention Zlatko Bourek, Ante Zaninović, Boris Kolar, Zdravko Pavičić, Milan Blažeković... Baltazar’s adventures were watched with interest not only in Yugoslavia, but also in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Italy, USA, Australia and other countries. This Animanima 2015 special Professor Balthazar programme is realised with company VISIONARY THINKING.

Programme 01 l Friday, September 11th l 12 a.m. l Duration: 45 min
Lighthouse Keeping l The Rise And Fall Of Horatio l Inventor Of Shoes l The Flying Fabian l Maestro Koko

Programme 02 l Saturday, September 12th l 12 a.m. l Duration: 40 min
Martin Makes It To The Top l Of Mice And Ben l Arts and Flowers l Happines For Two l Knitting Pretty

Programme 03 l Friday, September 13th l 12 a.m. l Duration: 46 min
Victor's Egg-O-Mat l Windy Story l Starlight Serenaders l Alfred The Night Watchman l Bim Bam Bum
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