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Date: Thursday, September 6th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
The world of today is a political arena governed by the free capital in which television creates a parallel reality of a twenty-four hours’ global spectacle, where we are more or less free to choose how we want to live our life. These phenomena of the modern civilisation may be summarised in a single word: sport. The power of the body and the spirit, the stamina, persistence, commitment, victory and defeat, motivation, fair play, fame, team spirit, the “ontology of competing”… great philosophers like Nietzsche and Derrida used sport metaphors for making brilliant analogies in their science systems (Albert Camus claimed that he learned everything he knew about aesthetics playing football!). So, definitely, sport is more than a game. Especially when it speaks in the language of the television!

01 OPTUS "CROC TENNIS" Director: Thierry Poiraud 02 COKE "SPIRIT OF THE EURO" Director: Carlos Lascano 03 PEPSI "CROWD SURFIN" Director: Steve Cope 04 NIKE "FAST IS FASTER" Director: Mark Romanek 05 BBC LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES "STADIUM UK Director: Pete Candeland 06 CADBURY "ENJOY THE MOMENT" Director: Shane Griffin 07 "NIKE "CTR 360" Director: Tendril 08 CANAL+ CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Director: Physalia / Lore & Jun 09 NIKE "VAPOR TRAIL" Director: Mark Zibert 10 NIKE "KALEIDOSCOPE" Director: Royale 11 NIKE HYPERVENOM "DEADLY BREED" Director: Polynoid 12 "FOOSBALL" Director: Juan Jose Campanella 13 NIKE "AIR SUPERIORITY" Director: ManvsMachine 14 TINE MILK "WINTER OLYMPICS" Director: Martin Engh 15 BBC SPORT WINTER OLYMPICS "NATURE" Director: Tomek Baginski 16 NIKE FOOTBALL "THE LAST GAME" Director: Jon Saunders 17 UNDP "DROGBA VS. MALARIA" Director: Jeremy Guerrieri 18 MTV COPA Director: Thiago Steka 19 NIKE "MERCURIAL SUPERFLY IV" Director: ManvsMachine 20 SUPERLIGA Director: Anders Schroder 21 ADIDAS WORLD CUP "BLACK + WHITE" Director: Andy Hall 22 ADIDAS "THERE WILL BE HATERS" Director: Ernest Desumbila 23 CYCLE CANADA "HOP ON" Director: Mark Zibert 24 NIKE "ENGINE" Director: Ryann Dunn 25 FOX SPORTS "THE HISTORY OF WOMEN'S WORLD CUP (SOCCER)" Director: Marcel Ziul, Steven Levis 26 AIR MAX DAY '16 Director: ManvsMachine 27 ESPN EUROCUP 2016 Director: Imaginary Forces 28 "SENNA, IN THE HEART OF BRAZIL" Director: Ralph Karam 29 DIRECTV OLYMPIC GAMES Director: Mariano Farias 30 OLYMPIA Director: Henrique Barone, Rafael Mayani, Conor Whelan 31 STRAVA "MY YEAR IN SPORT" Director: Douglas Bowden, Joseph Winston 32 SKY SPORTS "START THE SEASON" Director: Rupert Sanders 33 NIKE BADGE OF HONOR "FOOTBALL" Director: Mariano Russo 34 CHANNEL 4: "FOOTBALL", "WHEELCHAIR" Director: Dougal Wilson 35 WINTER OLYMPICS 2018 "THE FEARLESS ARE HERE" Director: Smith & Foulkes 36 NIKE "FREE YOUR MIND" Director: Anthony Capristo

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