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Date: Tuesday, September 5th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 4:00 pm
Duration: 82 min

Together with industrial development and the expanding middle class, advertising began to flourish and found a language in animation that was able to attract these new consumers. Estudios Moro, based in Madrid, became THE company for advertising films in Spain, producing thousands of animated and live action commercials, created by such names as Pablo Nunez, Paul Casalini, Marcel Breuil and Francisco Macian. A North American treatment was the order of the day, but was given a more stylish, modern and jazzy look, similar to that of the UPA studio. The illustrator Jose Luis Moro and his producer brother, Santiago, best reflect this trend, and together wrote one of the most exciting pages of Spain’s popular culture. Some of the best work to come out of Moro highlights this programme, whether from its stock of internationally acclaimed commercials or the unforgettable Vamos a la cama (1965). Other work focuses on ensuing decades with films by Robert Balser, Julio Taltavull, and, closer to home, Isabel Herguera, Adriana Navarro, Carles Porta and Miguel Gallardo.

01 Estudios Moro commercials
1954-1964, 16:29
A cross-section of advertising films, from soap to light bulbs, employing the talent of the country’s leading animation artists.

02 Vamos a la cama (Let’s Go to Bed)
Jose Luis Moro, 1965, 0:36
A bedtime marching song for children’s television.

03 El sombrero
Robert Balser, 1964, 8:15
An amusing search for self-identity by the famed American-born animator of Yellow Submarine (1968), with witty nods to animation history and the design style of New York’s Hubley Studios.

04 La doncella guerrera (The Warrior Maiden)
Julio Taltavull, 1974, 11:39
One in a series of European folk tales, in the style of a medieval tapestry—with a feminist twist.

05 William Wilson
Jorge Dayas, 1999, 10:28
Edgar Allan Poe’s ill-fated hero meets his double.

06 La gallina ciega (Blind Man’s Bluff)
Isabel Herguera, 2005, 7:17
Against the hip abstraction of a hyperkinetic cityscape of blues and blacks, a blind man reunites with his distracted seeing-eye dog.

07 Las vidas ejemplares (The Exemplary Lives)
Carles Porta, 2008, 11:24
A child imagines whimsical fantasies about a secret family history from a most unlikely source.

08 El viaje de María (Maria’s Journey)
Miguel Gallardo, 2010, 5:42
A joyfully animated public-service short on autism.

09 Vía Tango
Adriana Navarro, 2013, 3:21
The romantic fantasy of a train conductor, told in lyrical drawn animation.

10 Onemoretime
Jose Gonzalez, Tonet Calabuig y Elisa Martinez, 2014, 5:00
The unhealthy life of the commercial animator.

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