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Date: Tuesday, September 5th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 4:00 pm
Duration: 76 min

A distinguished Spanish animator, Francisco Macian (Barcelona, 1929-1976) created his own studio in Barcelona in 1955 where he created commercials for Estudios Moro. In 1966 he directed his first feature: El mago de los suenos (The Dream Wizard), inspired by Andersen’s fairy tale Ole Lukoje. This story and its characters La Familia Telerin became popular in Spain thanks to a promotional film Vamos a la cama (1965) for TVE (Television Espanola). Macian’s film, full of Disney references, was driven by the work of Salvador Mestres, Jaume Vila, Jordi Gim, Albert Rue and Carmelo Garmendia y Vicar (also the creator of the El mago character), as well as the modern and identifiable character designs by Jose Luis Moro. The soundtrack features children’s voices as well as artists from the era like Los 3 Sudamericanos, Chicho Gordillo, Ennio Sangiusto and Los de la Torre. Josep Sola wrote the music and despite the fact that this was his first opera and considering the technical difficulties they ran into during production, it’s some of the most well-loved music from Spanish animation history. Two of Macian’s commercials from the ‘50s will be screened before the film.

01 Buena mesa - Aceite Koipe (Good Cooking: Aceito oil commercial)
Francisco Macian, 1955-57, 1:08

02 Sinfonía escarlata - Tomate Corchero (Symphony in Scarlet)
Francisco Macian, 1958, 1:10

03 El mago de los sueńos (The Wizard of Dreams)
Francisco Macian, 1966, 70:00

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