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Date: Friday, September 9th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
ClayTraces was founded 2006 after the debut film of Izabela Plucinska "Jam Session" won a silver bear at the Berlinale 2005 for best short. Izabelas art is connecting realism and fantasy in her individual way. It's all handmade, sometimes there are deliberatly left fingerprints on the lovely characters, adding a sense of craftsmanship to this rare categorie of stop motion animation. ClayTraces provides emotional and exciting stories, thoughtfulness and humour. Together with producer Robert Kern the director Izabela Plucinska created several playful short movies, some deal with loss and death, others with growing old, all leave you with a smile after watching.

    2:20 | 2006 | ClayTraces, Berlin, TV Kultura Poland

    At the breakfast table a man and a woman don’t have anything to say to each other...until a wind blows into room and turns their live on its ear.

    25:00 | 2009 | ClayTraces, Berlin & Maria Blicharska, Monika Sajko Donten & Lacroix Films

    The hero is a young, purblind and sawn-off bunny Esterhazy from the Esterhazy-Dynasty in Vienna. He is sent to Berlin by the Patriarch Count Esterhazy, to find a huge, healthy and beefy bunny woman near by some mysterious Berlin Wall. After a long, extensive search he finds his paradise (bunnies’ paradise that existed in the reality in between the East and West part of the famous Berlin Wall). Esterhazy will move there with the love of his life: Mimi, but as it is 1989… the Berlin Wall comes down…

    7:00 | 2005 – 2008 | ClayTraces, Berlin

    Train accident! Four of the passengers awake at the beach. It’s sunny, warm, the sky is blue and the seagulls are screaming. Why not take a bath in the sea? ...or do they drift from the here and now to the hereafter ?

    3:00 | 2012 | ClayTraces

    They live together, but live separatey – held together by a thin thread. An unfortunate accident leads them to each other again.

    7:00 | 2013 | ClayTraces, Berlin & Hauptfilm Produktion, Leipzig

    What is it like when you have lost your memory, when you wake up and you cannot even recognize your husband? A woman wakes up from a dream facing a stranger who claims to be her husband. Darling deals with loss, intimacy as well as alienation, helplessness and despair, but also hope.

    9:30 | 2005 | HFF Konrad Wolf Potsdm-Babelsberg

    Teresa and Viktor are about 50 years old. They are tired and bored by their long relationship. They are ordinary overweight people. That night they cannot sleep because of the loud music coming from the club downstairs. They do not know why, but they are in a need of music which takes them away from their boring live.

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