Exhibition of comics


Likovni salon Doma kulture | 2-13. novembar


There are very few things about Đorđe Milović (1960) that are short of fascinating. His mastery of dynamics and framing are easily observed, and so is he artful transition of reality into a vibrant world right next to it, the displacement of the bizarre and the erotic from the everyday existence into its own projected metaphysical shell; it takes no effort to follow the water-like drawing void of sharp lines and solid forms, reaching us in semi-tones free from the residue of reality, while at the same time filling its dark colours with the silt of our own being (even in black-and-white frames). Keeping alive the magnificent play on a level just touching on an elaborate sketch, Milović is like an acrobat on the elastic string, masterminding allusions and turning his cartoons into melting maps of poetry, inevitably and unmistakably leading the reader to the aesthetic catharsis.

With its intuitive flow, his narrative seems a riddle for those in search of visual meaning; however, in describing his own art, Milović will liken the comics to a walk through an unfathomable garden.

Milović is like a brilliant artist whose light permeates material existence: to read his albums What I am After, Violence for Beginners, Humps in the Garden, Through Different Eyes, Red Grass, Holy Ghost and Water, Pullheart, is like contemplating shadows of reality. And te shadows lurking inside Milović’s pages are made of essence. And nothing else.