Live Soundtrack 62


Wednesday, November 2nd l 7:00 pm l Grand Hall

Live Soundtrack is an event for film music, which, through the screening of older and newer works of short experimental film and animation, and by bringing together musicians from the electronic, ambient and electro-acoustic circles, during 60+ events (2014-2022), has become a source of continuous support independent music and film scene. In 2022, Live Soundtrack launched a new season of events, curating films selected in competition through the FilmFreeway platform, and is currently touring regionally and locally. Within the “New Balkan animation” cycle, the focus is on newer films from the Balkans, which are stylistically and thematically diverse and include stop-motion, puppetry, as well as 2D animation, and for which new music will be composed by musicians from local instrumental, electronic and experimental scenes…(…)

Performers: Ignjat Milićević, Igor Jovanović (Lezet)
The program will be presented by the event’s permanent editor: Marko Milićević
Program length: 30 min

Anja Paternoster, Slovenia, 2021, 5:00

White, Black and True Love

Not every love story is the same. Some are tragic others stunning. But there is always hope even when the movie ends.

Martin Babić, Croatia, 2018, 12:00

Ballad of Pipe and Necklace

In the Stone Age, a young Slovenian man invents the first flute, and a Croatian girl invents the first necklace in the world. The young couple meets and falls in love, but their tribes engage in an open conflict.

Dimitar Dimitrov, Bulgaria, 2020, 3:00


The film is about a person’s state of mind, under a long quarantine.

Katarina Srejić, Serbia, 2021, 8:00

Willow Tree

The main character remembers her childhood upon arrival to her homeland. Together with her younger self she goes through the memories of her home, the willow tree.