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Animanima 2012


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Design & Animation: Toma Pan
Sound Design: Miloš Gojković

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Main Jury: Andreas Hykade (Germany), Joan C. Gratz (USA), Isabel Herguera (Spain)
Films for Children Jury: Krunoslav Jovic (Serbia), Nicolas Palme (Germany), Mina Cvetinovic (Serbia)

Awarded Films

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Grand Prix of the ANIMANIMA 2012 festival

Oh Willy...  

Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels (Belgium)

Explanation: For creating a moving, subtle and surprising masterpiece.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Special Jury Award

Una Furtiva Lagrima

Carlo Vogele (France)

Explanation: For making us laugh and hungry.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

C & M SPECIAL AWARD – for best animated commercial or music video

Kottarashky: Demoni  

Teodor Ushev (Canada)

Explanation: For the intelligent marriage of image and music.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Best direction

About Killing the Pig

Simone Massi (Zemlja)

Explanation: For recreating an intense experience of memory.

Best animation

Kali the Little Vampire

Regina Pessoa (Portugal)

Explanation: For its flawless craftsmanship and graphic design.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Best  script

The Last Bus

Martin Snopek & Ivana Laucikova (Slovakia)

Explanation: For creating a convincing story of an uncomfortable reality.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Best Sound Design


Michaela Pavlatova (Czech Republic)

Explanation: For its sexually titillating sound.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Films for Children - Main Award

Gruffalo’s Child

Johannes Weiland, UweHeidschötter (Germany)

Explanation: The filmmakers managed to create a wonderful magical world that makes you want to jump into the film and follow The Gruffallo’s Child into the woods.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Krunoslav Jovic’s Special Distinction

Bonifacio in Summertime

Pierre-Luc Granjon, Antoine Lanciaux (France)

Explanation: For succesfull treatment of complex subjects through the language of fairy tale.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Nicolas Palme’s Special Distinction

Little Ladybird Wants to Grow up

Miha Knific (Slovenia)

Explanation: A wonderful film about growing up where every picture stands for itself, a film that goes beyond the words.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Mina Cvetinovic’s Special Distinction

Dress to Impress

Falk Schuster (Germany)

Explanation: This film represents the harmony of interesting technique and universal tale which offers the possibility of overcoming the problem of maladjustment in a witty way.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Special ANIMANIMA 2012 Prize for the contribution to the art of animation

Joan C. Gratz (USA)

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