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Animanima 2013


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Design & Art Direction: Lazar Bodroža
Animation: Marko Milanković
Sound Design: Aleksandar Protić

Festival Catalog

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Main Jury: Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland), Andrea Martignoni (Italy), Marc James Roels (Belgium)

Films for Children Jury: Petra Zlonoga (Croatia), Iva Cirić (Serbia), Marica Kicušić (Serbia)

Awarded Films

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Grand Prix of the ANIMANIMA 2013 Festival

The Banquet of The Concubine  

Hefang Wei (France)

Explanation: We give the Golden Peg Bar to a film that impressed us greatly with it's subtle yet powerful portrayal of characters who are masterfully brought to life with an extreme economy of style that wonderfully evokes and brings to life a historically rich art form. The apparent flatness of its visuals not only complement but can barely contain the emotions that seem to want to burst from the screen. This remarkable film brings to life a period of history like no other we have seen. We proudly award the Grand Prix to The Banquet of the Concubine by Hefang Wei.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Jury Special  Award

Around the Lake

Noemie Marsily, Carl Roosens (Belgium)

Explanation: The special jury award goes to a film which captivated us with an energetic and chaotic style. Its deceptively simple animation reveals a remarkably observant eye in its two directors. The crazy, brilliant character design threatened to fall apart at any minute were it not held together by the steady rhythmic mantra of its title that gradually got funnier and scarier as it revealed more of the world and its inhabitants as they go about their business around a lake.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

C & M SPECIAL AWARD – for best animated commercial or music video


Donato Sansone (Italija)

Explanation:  The C&M Award for best commercial or music video goes to a commercial whose ingenious and striking technique not only reveals the darkly fertile creative imagination of its artist, but is also a daring and refreshing change from the kind of advertising one would normally associate with this sort of client, a children's festival.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Best direction


Daniel Sousa (USA)

Best animation


Tomasz Popakul  (Poland)

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Best  script

Kiki of Montparnasse  

Amelie Harrault (France)

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Best Sound Design

The Banquet of The Concubine  

Hefang Wei (France)

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Films for Children - Main Award

Noodle Fish

Kim Jin Man (South Korea)

Explanation: For the universal story adapted to all age groups, its original and innovative technique and the palatable narrative approach.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Petra Zlonoga – Special Distinction

The Little Bird and The Leaf

Lena von Döhren (Switzerland)

Explanation: For ingenious directing, simple and effective animation, and because it shows how crucially important good timing is, both in animation and in real life.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Iva Ćirić – Special Distinction

Green Teeth

Svetlana Andrianova (Russia)

Explanation: For the witty story of disobedience and the original idea told through the stylised children’s drawing.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Marica Kicušić – Special Distinction

The Moon That Fell into The Sea

Akira Oda (Japan)


Explanation: For the visual vividness, its sensible and soothing atmosphere that helps us to dive into the world of children’s curiosity and the folklore of mankind.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Special ANIMANIMA 2013 Prize for the contribution to the art of animation

Georges Schwizgebel


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