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Stop-Trick Picnic with Miloš Tomić

9/20/2023 12:00
Conference Room

Mentor of Animanima 2023 workshop, visual artist from Belgrade, Miloš Tomić, invites to get together:

"Dear fans of animation games of chance! If you are in the mood for a bit of chasing, jumping, drawing in impossible conditions, but also carefully "reviving" trinkets from your pocket or backpack all with help of magic stop trick animation, come to the workshop ‘Stop-trick picnic’! Even if you already know something about it, at least a little or nothing at all!"



First Mentor Photo

Miloš Tomić


Miloš Tomić was born in Belgrade in 1976. He graduated in film direction at the Academy of Arts in the class of Miša Radivojević in 2001, and received his master's degree at the FAMU Film Academy in Prague in 2006 in the multimedia animation department in the class of prof. Petar Scala. He received his doctorate at FAMU (2011), with the thesis The value of discarded objects - garbage, as material for film, animation, photography... He describes himself as "a stubborn filmmaker with experience in many other media: collage, drawing, working with found and made objects, music, radio, writing, 'lecture performance', as well as experiences in pedagogical and mentoring work with students of different ages.

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