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Behind the Eyes the World

19/9/2023 19:15
Middle Hall Gallery

An animated film is always a pure product of the author's imagination, says Finnish photographer Timo Vijakainen. And when he or she closes his eyes, he's already working on the next frame.

Eyes closed, but mind open. Timo photgraphed the authors of animated films in different countries, in their studios, at festivals, on the streets. But in an unusual way: he asked them to close their eyes for a moment. And they did it. Photographing this vision is an intimate moment, and by recording it, the photographer proves his strength. We, the viewers, are privileged to see that moment in the way Timo Viljakainen interpreted it.

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That wonderful collection of photographs is gathered in the book Behind the eyes the world (Silmien takana maailma). With their eyes closed: Paul Bush, Quay brothers, Paul Driesen, Andreas Hykade, Rosto, Michael Dudok de Wit, Frederik Buck, Michaela Pavlatova and many others… The ANIMANIMA Festival has the honor and pleasure of presenting to its audience the exhibition of the same title and its author personally.

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About the Author

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Timo Viljakainen


Photographer and illustrator Timo Viljakainen (1951) graduated at University of the Arts / Education Center, photography department in 1981. Works as a freelance photographer since 1980. Since 1984, numerous awards in domestic and foreign poster and advertising competitions, e.g. the Benjamin Franklin trophy awarded by PIA in 2000. During his 40-year career, Timo has regularly done his own art projects in addition to commissions. He has held photo exhibitions since 1976, in addition to Finland, e.g. In Switzerland, Holland, France, Russia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia. Timo lives and works in Helsinki.

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