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Slavic Deities

19/9/2023 19:30
Upper Hall Gallery

Marica's work isn't illustration: what she does is suck out the essence of the world and converts it into symbols of a higher order. Marica does not draw: she radiates primordial images into riddles that have the power of dreams. Marica does not colour: she brings the magic of colours down to our roots and we grow out of her visions like enchanted sequoias.

We recognize our origins in the lines of her works. Every observer of her illustrations crystallises a bud of secrets. For Marica, life grows out of nature, fire becomes divided by movement, the air yells in turmoil, the earth is the source of branching of the meaning, the water melts into flying candles. Marica, to put it simply, has taught the unknown to sing for us.

Zoran Penevski

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Marica Kicušić


Marica Kicušić (1988) graduated in 2011 from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of Applied Graphics. Areas of interest: combination of applied and fine arts - animation, illustration of children's books, digital and traditional graphics, digital collage, poster design, mural, drawing. She participated in more than 80 exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, and she also had 7 solo exhibitions. Marica illustrated over 40 books for children. Participant of workshops, festivals and art colonies in Serbia and abroad, as an author (mural painter, illustrator, animator, dynamic sand painter), as an organizer (sand painting workshops for children) and jury member (Balkanima, Animanima, FESA, Animafest, Belgrade documentary film festival).

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