French Film Caravan: Animation!

Supported by Institut Francais in Belgrade


*The films are subtitled in Serbian

France, 2018, 95 min, 12+

Dilili in Paris

Wednesday, November 2nd l Grand Hall l 4:00 pm

Director: Michel Ocelot
In Belle Époque Paris, accompanied by a young scooter deliveryman, little Kanak Dilili investigates mysterious kidnappings of girls.

France, 2019, 82 min, 7+

Calamity, A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary

Thursday, November 3rd l Grand Hall l 2:00 pm

Director: Rémi Chayé
1863, a convoy in the American West, Martha Jane needs to learn how to take care of horses to drive the family wagon. The scandal that its stark character provokes will force her to face all the dangers in a gigantic and wild world where everything is possible.

France, 2017, 83 min, 7+

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

Friday, November 4th l Grand Hall l 2:00 pm

Directors: Patrick Imbert, Benjamin Renner
Those of you who thought that the countryside is a quiet and peaceful place were mistaken. It’s actually full of turbulent animals, a fox who thinks it’s a chicken, a bunny who tries to be a stork and a duck who wants to stand in for Santa. If you were hoping for a nice vacation, you’d better keep moving.

France, 2020, 60 min, 6+

Stinky Dog, Happy Life in Paris!

Saturday, November 5th l Grand Hall l 2:00 pm

Directors: Stéphane Aubier, Davy Durand, Vicent Patar

Once upon a time there was a dog named Stinky. With Chaplapla, his faithful companion from the gutter, he wandered the streets of Paris.This crazy adventure of Stinky and his friends introduce the poetry of Paris to the little ones!