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Date: Saturday, September 8th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
With over 400 animation awards, including 6 Oscar nominations and 5 BAFTA winners in the last five years, NFTS Animation produces world class talent. Alumni include award-winning directors like Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park and Peppa Pig’s creator Mark Baker.

Our aim is to help students create films that will steer the animation industry into new and exciting directions. The first year is packed full of inspiring workshops led by talented filmmakers, covering a range of topics, including improving animation skills, writing better narratives and developing fresh approaches to design and techniques. In the second year, students direct a full production team to bring their vision to life.

Being based in a film studio, we famously give the students the resources, support and freedom to express their creativity and inventiveness. The result is an amazing array of diverse work that would be hard to realise any other way.

  • Animanima’s Guest:

    Kim Noce

    Kim Noce is an Italian Artist & Filmmaker resident in UK. Her work has been screened in hundreds international film festivals, displayed in art galleries, broadcasted in major TV channels and won several prizes around the world.
    In the last ten years  Kim has directed and animated eight independent short films for the festival circuit, seven-commissioned short films from funders such as the BBC, Channel 4, HLF and the BFI. She have also created ten animated installation/performance pieces one of which was included at a group show at Tate Britain.
    Alongside her personal films and research she works for the commercials & broadcast industry. She has been commissioned work as a Director, Animation Director, 2D animator and compositor on series of productions such as: a BAFTA nominated TV series for the BBC; five large scale animate theatre projections for the Weinstein co and Warner Bros; several commercials, idents and countless corporate animation pieces
    Kim is currently the course leader of MA animation at LCC and an Animation Lecturer at the NFTS, and holds master classes around the world. She holds a MA in Animation from the NFTS and a BA in Fine Art from BRERA Accademia di Belle art in Milan.


    Daisy Jacobs, 2014, 7:16,

  • 02 DAMNED

    Richard Phelan, 2011, 9:15


    Simon Cartwright, 2014, 1:00


    Paloma Baeza, 2017, 11:52

  • 05 BIRDTH

    Renne Zhan, 2018, 1:30

  • 06 SEA CHILD

    Min-ha Kim, 2015, 7:27

  • 07 AFTER

    Kim Noce, 2005, 6:00


    Matthew Lee, 2017, 3:14


    Terri Matthews, 2016, 9:40


    Anushka Naanayakkara, 2016, 7:04

  • 11 EDMOND

    Nina Gantz, 2015, 9:20

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