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Date: Tuesday, September 5th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 4:00 pm
Duration: 76 min

During the 1970s, an industry began to get off the ground by answering to the needs of content for the small screen, although some creatives were more attracted to the art scene, seeing a fantastic medium for bringing all the arts together in animation. Spain certainly had a few big names working in the field including Ivan Zulueta (a key figure in Spain’s underground filmmaking scene), Jose Antonio Sistiaga and Rafael Ruiz Balerdi (two of the founding members of the Gaur group of Basque modern artists, created in 1966), Frederic Amat (whose film Estela was made especially for this programme of films), Marcel-li Antunez (founding member of La Fura dels Baus theatre troupe) and the tandem of video artists David Bestue and Marc Vives. And not forgetting Minotauromaquia (2004), the extraordinary plasticine interpretation of the universe of one of Spain’s greatest artists, Picasso, as well as the new generation of artist-animators such as Izibene Onederra, Alberto Vazquez and Laura Gines who, like Juan Pablo Etcheverry or Mercedes Gaspar, come from the prolific Fine Arts background.

01 Get Back
Ivan Zulueta, 1969, 5:20
A music video set to the Beatles song.

02 Homenaje a Tarzán (Homage to Tarzan)
Rafael Ruiz Balerdi, 1970, 4:41
Avant-garde analog animation techniques in stark black and white dramatize the effect of white men’s violence on an African jungle.

03 No sé (I Don’t Know)
Niseforo Ortiz, 1985, 5:35
A jazzy, graffiti-inspired, sci-fi noir drawn directly onto film.

04 Impresiones en la alta atmósfera (Impressions from the Upper Atmosphere)
Hose Antonio Sistiaga, 1988-89, 6:32
Originally created in 70mm for IMAX projection, the Basque artist’s hypnotic display of color and movement is painted directly onto film.

05 20 días de amor (20 Days of Love)
Etxegaraico Goti (Jose Felix Gonzalez Placer) 1991, 4:08
Unfinished at the time of the artist’s death, this AIDS-era love story is frank and poignant in the simplicity of its notepad animation.

06 Las partes de mí que te aman son seres vacíos (The Parts of Me that You Love Are Empty Beings)
Mercedes Gaspar, 1995, 8:55
In this short, recalling the surrealism of Luis Buñuel’s Un Chien Andalou (1929) and using an impressive array of basic animation techniques, romantic fetishists explore their desires across a dinner table.

07 Geroztik ere… (And since then...)
Begona Vicario, 1999, 1:55
On a restless monochromatic palette, a woman experiences the psychological damage of a visit from the police.

08 Minotauromaquia: Pablo en el Laberinto (Minotauromachy: Pablo in the Labyrinth)
Juan Pablo Etcheverry, 2004, 9:14
In this clay animation tour de force, Pablo Picasso has a series of unnerving encounters with characters from his art.

09 Estado de cambio (State of Change)
David Betsue y Vives, 2010, 6:35
The material world of everyday objects and actions rendered as an animated game of cause and effect.

10 Cromo
Marcel-li Antunez, 2013, 3:54
A reference to Pirandello, this linear fragment is from the director’s interactive work Pseudo.

11 Hotzanak (For Your Own Safety)
Izibene Onederra, 2013, 5:24
A disjointed visual landscape, sweeping movement, and grotesque character animation create a personal vision of the dehumanizing airport security system.

12 Sangre de unicornio (Unicorn Blood)
Alberto Vazquez, 2013, 8:17
A pair of bickering toy bears go on the hunt in a Pop Surrealist landscape of deceptively sweet pinks and whites.

13 Tengo miedo (I’m Afraid)
Laura Gines, 2014 3:30
The artist brings her skill in illustration and collage to this feminist music video for singer Maria Rodés.

14 Estela
Frederic Amat, 2015, 1:53
Amat’s use of thread captured in the frames of a projector has been compared to the avant-garde work of Stan Brakhage.

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