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Date: Saturday, September 9th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 7:30 pm
Duration: 66 min

This programme is a collection of shorts that were produced in Spain over the past ten years, some of them young Spanish filmmakers who are already known worldwide like Rocio Alvarez, Dvein, Blanca Font, Busto and Nicolai Troshinsky. Selected for your viewing pleasure: Raul Arroyo’s film I Come by Every Day (2004) and other noteworthy shorts like the stop-motion based on horrifying true events that took place at the beginning of the 20th century in Barcelona, The Twin Girls of Sunset Street (2010); the fifth part of Jossie Malis’s Bendito Machine (2014); Zepo (2014), the tragic story told through sand animation which is also in competition this year; The Giant, a poetic tale about fatherhood; and finally Princesa china (2014) by Thomas Bases, one of our most talented filmmakers working in 3D.

01 Cada día paso por aquí (I Pass by Here Every Day)
Raul Arroyo, 2004, 8:38
A contemporary cityscape is seen through an invigorating, rhythmic montage of street trash, graffiti, signage, and noise.

02 Les bessones del carrer de Ponent (The Twin Girls of Sunset Street)
Anna Solanas and Marc Riba, 2010, 13:00
In a gray, stop-motion world, a kidnapped child witnesses the sinister end-of-life rituals of elderly twin sisters.

03 Crik-Crak
Rocio Alvarez, 2011, 1:22
The night terrors of a child end happily when she surprises her parents in the act.

04 O Xigante (The Giant)
Julio Vanzeler and Luis da Matta, 2012, 10:35
This fable about a young princess living in the heart of a towering giant is a Pop Surrealist allegory of parental affection.

05 Astigmatismo (Astigmatism)
Nicolai Troshinsky, 2012, 4:00
Without his glasses, a child explores an out-of-focus world undaunted—as reflected in the free-associative manner of the film’s production.

06 The Vein ‘Magma’
Dvein, 2013, 1:28
A music video for the group The Vein, by the Barcelona-based design collective known for its organic aesthetic.

07 The Day I Killed my Best Friend
Blanca Font and Busto Algarin, 2013, 6:10
Soft pastels give way to frantic stop-motion when a girl and her imaginary friend confront puberty.

08 Zepo
Cesar Diaz Melendez, 2014, 3:08
Animated with sand, this is a disturbing tale of political violence from a master of stop-motion.

09 Bendito Machine V
Jossie Malis, 2014, 11:54
In this elegant piece of silhouette science-fiction, an alien visitor survives the centuries-long, war-driven evolution of mankind.

10 Princesa china (Chinese Princess)
Tomas Bases, 2014, 4:56
The geometry of three-dimensional puzzle blocks is the visual inspiration for a cautionary reincarnation lullaby.

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