• 13th International Animation Festival ANIMANIMA is organised by the Cultural Centre in Čačak, between 4th and 7th September 2019. The Festival is held under the auspices of the City of Čačak and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.

  • ▪ The festival invites authors from all over the world to submit their films. Works in any available animation techniques are accepted. For any film formats that represent a combination of animation and live action, the total part of the animation segment must be at least 50% of the total length of the film.

    ▪ The Competition Programme has two categories:

    1) films intended for the general public with the running time of up to 20 minutes
    2) animated TV commercials and animated music videos

    ▪ Only films made after 1st January 2018 can be entered for the competition program category 1) and after 1st January 2017 for category 2)

    ▪ The films for the competition programme are shortlisted by the Festival’s Art Director, in collaboration with the Festival’s Programme Producer.

    ▪ Any films that are not selected for the competition programme may be selected by the Festival Art Director for screening within some of the special, non-competitive programmes.

    ▪ All of the submitted films will be kept in the ANIMANIMA Festival’s archive, and may be used exclusively for non-commercial screenings in educational facilities, artistic organizations and institutions, at affiliated festivals in other cities in Serbia, serving solely educational purposes and aiming to promote the ANIMANIMA Festival, according to previously obtained approval from the author, producer or distributor of the film.

    ▪ The Festival Office will inform the authors about the films shortlisted for the respective programmes, not later than 1st July 2019.

  • ▪ Online screeners from Vimeo or You Tube platforms.
    ▪ Link and password for the access to the film are to be entered into the fileds in Entry Form (segment 3)
    ▪ Any films featuring non-English dialogues must have an English subtitle.

  • ▪ Formats acceptable for screening at the festival competition programmes and the World Panorama are: mov or mp4, encoder h264, max. 20000 kbps constant bit rate, ideal resolution of 1080p (1920x1080). Sound: AAC 48kHz / 16bit.
    ▪ Any films featuring non-English dialogues must have an English subtitle.
    ▪ For the films featuring English dialogues, it is necessary to supply the dialogue list, at the following e-mail address:
    ▪ The links for downloading films for selected films are to be sent at the following e-mail address:
    ▪ For trailer of your film to be published at ANIMANIMA web site, it is necessary tu supply the embedded frame link. Insert the link into the filed in Entry Form (segment 3)

  • ▪ To submit a film for the Festival, it is necessary to complete the Entry Form on the Festival website.
    ▪ A single author may enter two or more films, in which case each film must have its separate Entry Form.
    ▪ Each application must be supported by two stills from the film and the photograph of the author. Maximum size of each photograph is 2MB. Photos are to be sent at the following e-mail address:
    ▪ No entry fee is charged for the film submissions.
    Deadline for submitting films and sending in the link for pre-selection is 7th June 2019.
    Deadline for sending in the links to download the films selected for screening at the Festival is 26th July 2019.

  • ▪ The Jury of the Animanima 2019 festival is made of three members, whose area of activity is directly or indirectly related to animation: directors, animators, script writers, producers, distributors, film critics, educators, programme/art directors of animation festivals, journalists, authors and others.

  • The Festival awards and distinctions are:

    ▪ Grand Prix – “The Golden Peg Bar” for the best film of the main competition (diploma and money award)
    ▪ “C&M Special” – Award for the best animated TV commercial or music video (diploma and money award)
    ▪ Special Award of the Juries (diploma and money award)
    ▪ Jury members’ special distinctions (diploma)
    ▪ Audience Award (diploma)

  • Authors, film facilities, film educational institutions, animation studios, animation festival representatives, film producers and distributors, may send their printed promotional materials – catalogs, programs, posters, fliers, stickers, postcards & others – to be distributed freely during the Animanima 2018 at the festival info spots. All materials are to be sent at the Festival postal address noted in “Postal Shipping & Costs” segment of these Regulations.

  • Please mail your material for the Animanima Festival at the following address:

    Festival ANIMANIMA
    Dom kulture Čačak
    Trg narodnog ustanka 2
    32000 Čačak

    The shipment must be labelled as follows:

    Please note that the costs of mailing any kind of material using regular or courier mail are borne by the sender.
    The Festival does not accept any collect-on-delivery postal costs.
Dom kulture Čačak

Trg narodnog ustanka 2
32000 Čačak
Telefon: ++381 32 325 073
Faks: ++381 32 325 073


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32000 Čačak
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