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Date: Wednesday September 6th
Venue: Grand Hall
Time: 12:00 am
    Wednesday- Friday, September 6-8th l Grand Hall l 12:00 am l Duration: 55 min

    Can night take a day off? Is chameleon capable of eating an airplane? When did street lampposts learn to dance tango, and swamp frogs to play jazz? Can fatty cat make a selfie? And how the princess order nothing less but the dragon to be delivered at her home address? Visit three wonderfull screenings and see for yourself. These shorts are smart and amusing, these are films you gonna love!

    Saturday, September 9th l Upper Lobby l 10:00-12:00 am

    A creative workshop in the animation technique of pixilation quickly introduces children into the magic of animation. Children will act and film animation themselves, seeing the resulting magic just a moment after filming it with a photo camera. Mentor: Timon Leder (Slovenia).

  • REVOLTING RHYMES (age 10+)
    Special programme at the opening of Animanima, Tuesday, September 5th l Grand Hall l 8:00 pm

    Roald Dahl. A favourite writer for children, little and big (grown up), whose filmed works are watched with interest by millions of cinema goers around the world (Gremlins, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Big Friendly Giant...). This time we are into well-known fairy tales told by Roald Dahl in an unusual way. Revolting Rhymes are sure to entertain and make you laugh, with a bit of surprise as well. A must-see!

  • MY LIFE AS A ZUCCHINI (age 7+)
    Feature animated film, Saturday, September 9th l Grand Hall l 12:00 am

    Nine-year old Ikar with an unusual nickname ‘Zucchini’, loses his mother and the orphanage becomes his new home. But Zucchini never lost his spirits, and soon he and his friends will realise that misfortune does not have to be an ultimate definition of a lifetime.

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