Special Screenings

Korean Independent animation


Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers Association (KIAFA) is a gathering of independent  animation producers and related workers who have been seeking for alternative way of independent animation, based on the spirit of freedom and criticism, experiment and challenge, frontier and fortitude. AniSEED is the name of newly launch distribution team of KIAFA thet will actively work to protect the copy rights of producers The naming of ’SEED’ comes from its aim to implant infinite possibility and vitality in the field of independent animation. AniSEED will focus on providing various screening opportunities and also preserving the film. In cooperation with KIAFA-AniSEED, Animanima presents the works of eight Korean animators as one of the possible intersections of this dynamic and exciting animated cinematography.

JEONG Hae-ji l 2020 l 2D Computer, Paper l 5:37


High school student. My best friend is pregnant.

JANG Nari l 2020 l Drawing, 2D Computer l 6:39

Salvia At Nine

A nine-year-old girl lives in the same neighborhood where a father watches erotic videos next to his child and an old man habitually molests neighbor kids. One day, the girl goes to a corner shop and tries to steal some snacks, but the shop owner catches her on the spot. She hands over a coin for candy and quickly leaves the shop.

PARK Jee-youn l 2020 l 2D Computer l 9:55


In the boredom of life, they became ghosts. The crows are after them.

Huh Su-young l 2020 l 2D Computer, Drawing l 10:05

Incomplete Woman

One day, the dismembered body of a woman was found. Except for her lower body and the left hand, other body parts were disappeared without a trace or evidence of any intrusion. So her lower body and the left hand take the road in search of others that had left for the reason they hated each other so much.

KIM Areum l 2021 l 2D l 11:46

The Ark In The Desert

A story about the separation of a grandmother who is a funeral director and her granddaughter. The unavoidable last hour comes to the grandmother who was preparing for death, and she tells the story of life and death to her granddaughter, who will be left alone after she leaves.

KIM Changsoo l 2022 l 2D Computer, Drawing l 10:30

Things That Disappear

The story of an elderly person living alone in a redevelopment area holding a funeral for a dead cat on the street.

KIM Kang-min l 2020 l Puppet l 08:53


My mother’s dreams have always been strong premonitions for important moments in my life.  I rely on her dreams more than any religion.

KIM Kyeongbae l 2022 l 2D Computer l 12:40

Amen a man

The old man is at trial for the murder of a mountain bird. To examine the case, the judge peers into the old man’s memory. A little boy is acting out the Swallow in the Christian play. He feels the little Swallow is being mistreated, but no one seems to notice. He begins to panic amidst the skeptical, judgmental crowd.