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Best of WTF 2022


“The opposite of laughter is not seriousness, it is the reality”, a certain Georg Hegel tried to proclaim. It’s time to forget about dark times for a short while and add glitter, tears of joy, white-knuckles, and shrieks of surprise by escaping with a few films!Why don’t you step outside your comfort zone, be flabbergasted, shudder, roar with laughter or weep watching these 12 little gems selected with love to fire up the WTF2022? From 18 years old.

Anatol Chechik l Russia l 2021 l 5:47

Red Square

Soviet folk phantasmagoria.

Ding l Malte Stein l Germany l 2021 l 4:32


Haunted by a little thing, a man gets driven to the edge.

Steph Hope l USA, Norway l 2021 l 4:54

Not Drifting Off

Lying awake, Amy comes face-to-face with her innermost thoughts in the form of uncountable sheep, and thonged, muscly backing dancers.

Nicolas Gebbe l Germany l 2021 l 17:30

The Sunset Special

A secluded beach location, the perfect partner, the most exclusive hotel: it’s your dreamlife. Join an eerie trip to a luxurious place of unfulfilled desire, nostalgia, and endless longing.

Lucile Paras l France l 2021 l 4:53


In Paris, a young woman being harassed in the streets, and a creature who shrinks her opponents by just roaring at them, join forces to retaliate against overly intrusive men.

Theo W. Scott l UK l 2021 l 5:14


A hand-drawn sequential telling of human history in all its horror and glory, culminating in our next evolutionary leap.

Sophie Koko Gate l UK l 2021 l 4:51

Hotel Kalura

Rosa sits at the hotel bar alone, waiting to be lit.

Gina Kamentsky l USA l 2021 l 3:00

Sed saepe cadendo

Home alone on a sunny afternoon, a perfect time for frolics in the garden.

Gerhard Funk l Germany l 2022 l 9:00

A Goat’s Spell

A child and her usual day. A bewildered goat at the house and a couple of aeroplanes high in the sky. Then, everything starts falling to pieces. The goat seems to be the link – if anything is linked at all.

Dirk Verschure l Netherlands l 2022 l 7:16

Birds Whose Legs Break Off

A mysterious disease sweeps through the bird population.

Ori Goldberg l Israel l 2022 l 2:54

Don’t Die On Me

Asthmatic Matti is coughing again, and again he hears the irritating sentence: “Don’t die on me!”, only this time, he’s going to.

Charlie Mars l France l 2021 l 3:20

Coucou Tchoutchou

Exactly like our world. Try it and see.