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COMICS: Aleksandar Zolotić
Date: September 5-12th
Venue: Cultural Center Art Gallery
  • Having graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, department for Illustration and Animation, Aleksandar Zolotić went on to illustrate children’s books by the leading Serbian publishers in this area, such as Kreativni Centar. Through his engagement with a London-based the illustration agency, he was given an opportunity to work with both American and English publishers. Owing to his flexible style, he was in a position to work on comic books and collaborate with the leading Serbian screen-writers, as well as video games publishers. In addition to this, he worked as a graphic illustrator for the successful Belgrade-based games development studio, the Mad Head Games.

The exhibition of comic art by Aleksandar Zolotić, Animanima presents an important contribution of this author to the national art scene and its wealth of quality comic artists. The exhibited panels from the comic Corporate Pandemonium (Besna kobila, 2014.), which was made in collaboration with the screen-writer Zoran Penevski, as well as panels made for the third and fifth comic album from the series Lines of Front, based on the screenplay by Pavle Zelić and Milan Jovanović. The exhibition aims to present Zolotić’s desire to use comics as a platform for a wider expression in terms of narrative, as well as a more immediate one, defined by the sequel format.

The world of the Corporate Pandemonium originates from unpublished series of illustrations, reflecting the original intention to formulate a personal attitude to social mechanisms around us, by the means of original characters and an environment inspired by authors of the anti-utopian film and literary genre. In 2014, the album received an award from the ULUPUDS, as the best comic at the Belgrade Book Fair. The comic serial Lines of Front presented Zolotić with an opportunity to join the circle of the most prominent national comic artists.

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