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Date: Thursday, September 6th
Venue: Conference Room
Time: 1:00 pm
Virtual Reality is a digital and graphic environment simulating a real-time presence in a certain place. This ‘near-reality’ may be much more than only this, a potential gateway to a huge world. The team of the VR WORLD will do just this – bring this huge world closer to the Animanima audience using all the different aspects of the VR technology.
The VR WORLD is a group of enthusiasts gathered around the common idea to promote virtual reality to a wider auditorium. The knowledge and the experience gained thus far in mastering the equipment and the software, as well as the creative content produced so far, have initiated the authors into the depths of virtual reality, pursuing a mission of sharing a technological phenomenon which until recently belonged exclusively to science fiction with anyone who perceives VR as a business opportunity, a handy commercial content and entertainment.

In the presentation, the team of the VR WORLD will show us how mobile phones can present a basic VR experience aided by simple ‘cardboard 3D glasses“.  But for a real and complete VR experience (which in addition to the VR presentation features interaction with the virtual world) it is necessary to have a more advanced system (such as Oculus Rift) and a highly powerful PC. Meaning fast processors, plenty of memory and even faster graphic cards!
Big producers of IT hardware offer maximum support to VR technology, and the same goes for the large software corporations (Google, Facebook) who are interested in using this technology to special purposes. With the strong backing of the large hardware and software companies, we have reached a moment when virtual reality actually becomes a reality, meaning that the overall VR concept finally becomes feasible.
The VR WORLD is here with its account of the times ahead of us, and we hope you will join us at the international animation festival ANIMANIMA 2018 in Čačak!

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