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Animanima 2017


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Art Direction & Animation: Jelena Milunović
Sound Design: Tatjana Ščerbak

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Main Jury: Carolina LópezCaballero (Spain), Tal Gadon (Israel), Vassilis Kroustallis (Greece)
Films for Children Jury: Olga Bobrowska (Poland), Timon Leder (Slovenia) and Milan Milosavljević (Serbia)

Awarded Films

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Grand Prix


Špela Čadež (Slovenia)

Explanation: An impressionistic, hypnotizing journey and a very well-crafted film that guides you with determination but gently to intoxicating states of consciousness.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Special  Jury Award

Drop by Drop

Laura Gonçalves & Xá (Portugal)

Explanation: For its great artistic effort and originality in documenting a rather overseen issue, and the strong, poetic inages that stay in your mind even after the film is screened.

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Carolina López Caballero - Special Distinction


Chintis Lundgren (Estonia)

Explanation: For the humour portraying a not-so-easy mother and son relationship.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Tal Gadon - Special Distinction

Negative Space

Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata  (France)

Explanation: Beautifully crafted, well animated and cleverly portrayed, the director succeeds in conveying deep emotions and telling a family story through a surprisingly ordinary routine.

Vassilis Kroustallis - Special Distinction

Dolls Don’t Cry

Frédérick Tremblay (Canada)

Explanation: For it subtle, complex but still deeply affecting re-creation of love and abandonment relationships between humans and puppets.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Films for Children - Main Award

The Unicorn

Remi Durin (France)

Explanation: An enchanting book adaptation tells us that, no matter how much you love somebody, you need to set them free. The film demostrates the immersive power of 2d hand-drawn animation. A well-evolved story intertwines with classic animation atmosphere.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Films for Children - Special Jury Award


Elham Toroghi (Iran)

Explanation: Our Special Award of the Jury goes to a cinematographic jewel with a sad story, for precise elaborated views of cinematic means of expression, componented with brilliant hand-drawn animation. A bitter sweet story about never giving up.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Films for Children - Special Distinction Of The Jury

Gamlet. Comedy.

Evgeniy Fadeyev (Russia)

Explanation: A cheerful and sophisticated comedy uses minimalistic means of expression. It is seasoned with intriguing use of snappy animation and positive-negative space.

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Audience Award

Hedgehog's House

Eva Cvijanovic (Canada)

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Special ANIMANIMA 2017 Prize for the contribution to the art of animation

Steven Woloshen (Canada)

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Awarded Movie Screenshot
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