STASH: Matter. Shape. Space.

23/9/2023 17:00
Main Hall
Conference Room

Animation has always had a subversive "mission": to question the material world. To re-construct it, make it illogical. Rethink the space-time coordinate system.

In the video works in this program, we see the culmination of the assumption from the opening sentence. Although the objects we observe are known to us from the so-called real world, they transform in surprising ways; their protean forms and variable volumes are almost on the border of the sci-fi universe, as if bioforms are emerging before our eyes. The movement is amoeboid, sometimes like a stream of water, or becoming randomised (cracking, tearing, breaking). Can matter become instinctive, intuitive? Therefore unpredictable? It is what we find the easiest to believe in the space we observe: It has become metaphorical.

THE STASH PERMANENT COLLECTION, a carefully curated video streaming platform for motion design and animation, was once again a source of endless inspiration for the creation of this programme.

Film List

Film Screenshot
Power Junk
Peter Tomaszewicz, Christiana Perdiou
Film Screenshot
Makxim Zhestkov, Igor Sordokhonov
Film Screenshot
Film Screenshot
Kinkajous - Convolution
Marco Fontan
Film Screenshot
Offf Vienna 2021 - Repeater
Ian Bradley
Film Screenshot
Sova - What Are You Really Sleeping On?
Oscar Gullstrand
Film Screenshot
The Intermission
Film Screenshot
Les Dieux Changeants
Lucio Arese
Film Screenshot
Tears For Fears - Break The Man
Mihai Wilson, Marcella Moser
Film Screenshot
Fabian Aerts
Film Screenshot
Tylko - Spaces
Film Screenshot
Arnis Vitols
Film Screenshot
FX Networks - Cake Season 5
Kelly Meador, Daniel Elwing
Film Screenshot
Igor Sordokhonov
Film Screenshot
Bang & Olufsen, Balenciaga - Speaker Bag
Film Screenshot
Little Science
Vadim Epstein
Film Screenshot
Andrey Vorobey
Film Screenshot
Google - Generative Brand Expressions
Nando Costa, Zachary Daren Corzine
Film Screenshot
Simon Russell
Film Screenshot
Cannondale Lab71 - Supersix Evo
Oriol Puig, Marcel Hita
Film Screenshot
Offf 2023 Trailer
Film Screenshot
Google - Material Design X Someform
Someform Studio
Film Screenshot
Gira One Highlights Film
Anton Riedl
Film Screenshot
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