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Main Jury: Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina), Ana Nedeljković (Serbia), João Gonzalez (Portugal)

Films for Children Competition Jury: Alexander Gratzer (Austria), Andrijana Ružić (Italy), Máté Horesnyi (Hungary)

Awarded Films

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Grand Prix of the ANIMANIMA 2023


Levi Stoops (Belgium)

Explanation: Every couple has some problems. This film found an unusual approach to this topic, through black comedy, ironically linked to everyday human drama.

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Flora Anna Buda (Hungary)

Explanation: For achieving a story about social taboos and sexual fantasies in intense and fresh way. Special Jury Award goes to Ana Flora Buda for the film „27“.

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Juan Pablo Zaramella - Special Distinction

The Rat

Yuanqung Cai (China)

Explanation: For its outstanding animated representation of a distorted state of mind and internal demons of the character, using a strong and imaginative animation language.

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João Gonzalez - Special Distinction

The Purple Season

Clémence Bouchereau (France)

Explanation: For striking and delicate visuals and movements, with the organic aestehic, that transpose so much feeling and imersion with a minimal but accurate sound design that builds tension in a very mature way, focusing only in what metters. A simple concept that is explored in a heartfelt way, with  a very sensorial outcome.

Ana Nedeljković - Special Distinction


Lucija Mrzljak, Mortern Tšinakov (Estonia)

Explanation: Surreal film that in some moments looks perfectly real. Important and very sensitive topic told from a female perspective. Impressive and precise visual style. One funeral, a lot of wine, woodpeckers, identical male characters and a deep emotional journey through Eeva’s feelings on the day of her husband's funeral.

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The Christmas Tree School

Anastasia Makhlina (Russia)

Explanation: Being a cactus has never been easy. However, this film shows wonderfully the importance of being accepted. Well developed characters and the convincing story took us on a playful journey with wit and sensitivity.

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Special Distinction Of The Jury

Recipe Book

Alexei Alexeev (Russia)

Explanation: A project that has delighted us with its humorous animation and great sense of rhythm. The story shows the importance of mutual support in our society, at a time when many people are focused on themselves.

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Audience Award

Dear Passengers

Max Kulikov (Russia)

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