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Animanima 2022


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Direction & Animation: Miloš Tomić
Sound Design: Daka Pauč
Color Correction: Aleksa Borković

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Velislava Gospodinova (Bulgaria), Kolja Saksida (Slovenia), Magda Guidi (Italy)

Awarded Films

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Grand Prix


Dániel Bárány (Hungary)

Explanation: This film stroke us with it’s unique, innovative and grotesque visual design, it’s flawless dynamic animation and it’s overwhelming and piercing musical score. The progressively increasing rhythm and intensity of the dramaturgy reveals the depth of the underlying multitude of suppressed emotions in a deeply dysfunctional family. For it’s surrealistic, ironic, disturbing and biting approach to this personal and at the same time universal topic.

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Special Jury Award

Ice Merchants

João Gonzalez (Portugal)

Explanation: Every artistic and technical aspect of this film is of highest professional degree. We were fascinated by the strong graphic visual style, the perfectly flowing narration and the great film direction, combining eloquent cinematography with various perspective shots, superb timing and captivating sound design. For it’s ability to touch our hearts in a deeply emotional way, revealing the eternal loving bond between father, mother and child.

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Special Distinction of Jury Member – Velislava Gospodinova

The Seine's Tears

Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice Letailleur (France)

Explanation: This film stayed into my mind long after watching it, enthralling me with it’s authenticity and surreality at the same time. The reportage approach towards such violent historical events is masterfully combined with associative symbolism, provoking a strong emotional response. For it’s inventive way of using 3D animation, creating truthful tactile sensibility towards the characters, for it’s powerful musical score and it’s importance as a piece of painful memory from the past.

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Special Distinction of Jury Member – Kolja Saksida

Dog – Apartment

Priit Tender (Estonia)

Explanation: Absurd and surrealistic film, done in stop-motion technique, given to the audience to think about it.

Special Distinction of Jury Member – Magda Guidi

Girl in the Water

Shi-Rou Huang (Taiwan)

Explanation: For the evocative power of drawings and poetry of animation which have been able to tell the story of deep feelings; for ellegant direction and minimal but effective sound design which has given the strength to the film.

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