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Lectures and Presentations

9/21/2023 12:30


Chat With The Filmmmakers

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Festival guests-filmmakers talk about why animation is important to them, explain the work process, the use of animation techniques, reveal their own role models and inspirations, present new projects. Q&A with high school seniors.

21/9/2023, 12:30
Alexander Gratzer (Austria), Máté Horesnyi (Hungary), Moderator: Nebojša Petrović

22/9/2023, 12:30
Mihajlo Dragaš (Serbia), Darko Dacović (Serbia), Moderator: Milan Milosavljević

Master class:

Creative Processes In Animation

23/9/2023, 12:00-13:00

Zaramella's lecture featured image

About unlimited possibilities of animation in creativity terms and a journey through different ways to approach ideas and get the most of them speaks Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina)


It Is Not Enough But It Is Not Nothing

23/9/2023, 13:30-14:30

Andrijana's lecture featured image

The title of the lecture is a quote from the film Waiting for the Sibyl by William Kentridge, a world-renowned contemporary artist from Johannesburg, whose work will be discussed by art historian Andrijana Ružić (Italy).


How To Turn Personal Experiences Into An Animated Film

23/9/2023, 14:45-15:45

Ana's lecture featured image

The world we live in is not perfect, but that's why it can be very inspiring. How to turn personal experiences into a script for an animated film? How to create a fictional world to talk about the real world? Why is an animated film a great tool to talk about engaging social and political issues? Through the description of the process of working on her films Rabbitland, Untravel and About Money and Happiness, Ana Nedeljković (Serbia) will try to give her perspective on these complex topics.

Master class:

Ice Merchants – From The Subconscious To The Screen

23/9/2023, 16:00-17:00

João's lecture featured image

Director João Gonzalez (Portugal) does a breakdown of his film Ice Merchant's journey – concept, production, animation, music – from a student film, to Cannes and the Oscars.



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