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Comics & Jazz: The Rhythms of the Space

19/9/2023 19:00
Art Gallery

It’s been a long time now since jazz had found its place in film, time and again taking by surprise both filmmakers and audiences with intriguing motifs and exciting narratives, however, can comics, as a visual medium expressed exclusively by a static image, achieve the same or similar effects, reflecting an art form relying on sound as an only means of expression?

Onomatopoeia in the form of specific graphemes, sheet music, or even song titles, instead of the sound of musical instruments? The sensitive space-time matrix and the visual rhythm of comics communicate perfectly with the rhythmic patterns of jazz, the two phenomenologies merge into a single, almost spiritual amalgam, which communicates with the most important, inner space of the observer, where they are emotionally and experientially condensed in (un)predictable rhythms.

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The exhibition Comics & Jazz: The Rhythm of the Space will try to prove this claim, opening to the audience the exciting worlds of important authors, cartoonists, and screenwriters: Guido Crepax, Altan, Muñoz & Sampayo, Paolo Parisi, Lucio Ruvidotti, Salva & Sagar, Massarutto & Squaz, Youssef Daoudi, Danijel Žeželj, Bourhis & Cailleaux.

Milen Alempijević, authorof the exibition

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