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Animanima 2016


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Design & Art Direction: Davor Gromilović
Animation: Mirko Žarković
Sound Design: Stefan Jovanović

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Main Jury: Koji Yamamura (Japan), Izabela Plucinska (Poland), Fernando Galrito (Portugal)
Films for Children Jury: Anna Ida Orosz (Hungary), Tess Martin (USA), Vuk Palibrk (Serbia)

Awarded Films

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Grand Prix  


David Coquard-Dassault (France)

Explanation: This film is a strong visual portrait of our time. These dogs ramblearound like people in an empty atmosphere, a premonition of the end of human civilization.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Special  Jury Award


Réka Bucsi (Hungary)

Explanation: For the capacity to combine fictional and surrealistic imagerywith humour,and for its successful mix of aesthetics that create a “space” for Love.

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Koji Yamamura - Special Distinction

It Would Piss Me off to Die so Yoooooung

Filipe Abranches (Portugal)

Explanation: With great quality animation and one strong overall graphic ambience, the film, based on a true story, is a cry against the waste of young lives in the horrors of war.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Izabela Plucinska - Special Distinction

Travelling Country

Vessela Dantcheva (Bulgaria)

Explanation: For its strong and emotional music which provokes amazing feelings, and proves how important sound is.

Fernando Galrito - Special Distinction


Boris Labbé (France)

Explanation: This is an elaborate and radically composed single perspective. The universe itself is endlessly generated from smallest units, and every element continues to transform, correlate, and influence each other.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Films for Children - Main Award


Julia Ocker (Germany)

Explanation: Although all the films we had to see and judge were programmed as films for children, all of the awarded films, including the winner of the category, are highly recommended to watch without any age restrictions. From all these animations we saw in Animanima’s children selection, this particular film stood out for its compactness: concise story-telling, clean and simple design (without being simplistic), and engagingly humorous acting.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Films for Children - Special Jury Award


Marjolaine Perreten (France)

Explanation: This film has a simple, direct and tactile graphic style that is immediately intriguing. We watch as a wide array of characters, animals by a stream, each cope in their own way with the changing season and a potentially dangerous flood, revealing a bit of their personalities in the preparations. Some of the animals end up inadvertently helping each other navigate the flood, before going their separate ways, showing that sometimes a common problem can be solved through co-operation, if not compassion. Though this film could be seen simply as a vignette about the animal kingdom, it is also applicable to our own human experience, as our changing weather causes more and more floods worldwide, and we are faced with situations where we too, must prepare for the future, and hopefully help each other when the time comes.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Films for Children - Special Distinction Of The Jury

A Town Called Panic: The Noise of the Gray

Vincent Patar, Stephane Aubier (France)

Explanation: This movie has a very special and simple humor that works not only for children but also for adults. The stiffness of the toys and their limited movement adds a certain naive quality to the film which makes it especially funny. The film is particularly inspiring to children in its creative use of regular toys.

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Audience Award


Albert Vasquez (France)

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Special ANIMANIMA 2016 Prize for the contribution to the art of animation

Koji Yamamura (Japan)

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Awarded Movie Screenshot
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