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Animanima 2018


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Art Direction & Illustration: Bratislav Milenković
Animation & Sound Design: Miloš Gojković

Festival Catalog

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Main Jury: Špela Čadež (Slovenia), Vessela Dantcheva (Bulgaria) and Nikita Diakur (Germany)
Films for Children Jury: Lea Vidakovic (Serbia), Pavel Horáček (Czech Republic) and Piotr Kardas (Poland)

Awarded Films

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Grand Prix

Solar Walk

Reka Bucsi  (Denmark)

Explanation: For an enigmatic trip into playful worlds filled with unpredictable narratives, delicately animated creatures and sensitive sound.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Special Jury Award


Paul Bush (Portugal, UK)

Explanation: For the magic that happens in between frames.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Spela Cadez - Special Distinction

Wicked Girl

Ayce Kartal  (Turkey)

Explanation: For opening the darkest corners of our society through the eyes of a little girl.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Vessela Dantcheva - Special Distinction

Musical Traumas

Milos Tomic (Serbia)

Explanation: For the imaginative interpretation of traumatic learning experiences.

Nikita Diakur - Special Distinction


Nara Normande  (France)

Explanation: For the intimate story embraced by an elaborate mixture of sand animation technique.

Awarded Movie Screenshot


Funny Fish

Krishna Chandran A. Nair (France)

Explanation: When we looked through the periscope, we saw a funny fish.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

FILMS FOR CHILDREN - Special Jury Award

The Fruits Of Clouds

Kateřina Karhánková (Czech Republic)

Explanation: A dark, poetic, social observation for those who dare.

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FILMS FOR CHILDREN - Special Distinction Of The Jury

Shell With An Ocean Inside

Yulia Sitdyikova (Russia)

Explanation:  The end of the movie is the beginning for the bug of doubt.

Awarded Movie Screenshot

Audience Award

The Death, Father And Son

Denis Walgenwitz, Vincent Paronnaud (France)

Awarded Movie Screenshot
Awarded Movie Screenshot
Awarded Movie Screenshot
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